Announcement for VNs

I will no longer be working on Color of White or Amaranto -Fine-. Sorry to the people who were waiting, but I don’t have the time to finish them. Also, this will probably be my last post on this site.

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Touhou Project Doujin – Kirisame Rhapsody (PNP)


Short story about Marisa and Reimu.

As I said before, I will start posting things more on my blog from now, though there are still a few more things I will post here.

My blog:

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Original Doujin – Crimson Fantasy (peachpulsar)

Download page - Adult!

Editing: Wanted45
Translation: me
QC: Procyon, Anonymous

A semi-long doujin about a young girl who meets a mysterious woman. You can read more about it on the download page. Here thanks to the people at Yuri Project who worked on it again.

Also, I will probably start posting stuff more on my own blog in the future.

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Strike Witches Doujin – go happy (RPOP)


Raw: WeatheredPeach
Edit: foobar
Translation: me
QC: Phyis

Another short Sanya x Eila story. Here thanks to the people from Yuri Project who worked on it.

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Touhou Project Doujin – Rest in peace 1 (KirororO)


Edited by Nameless Fairy. QC by Afro Thunda.

Chuuni story about Remilia and Sakuya. As far as I could tell, it didn’t seem like a continuation was made, unfortunately. Also, this is kind of violent.

Update (p. 16):

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