Persona 4

Persona 4 came out last week so translation work has slowed down…
I’ve played a couple hours and if you liked Persona 3, it’s more of the same.
It’s apparently coming out in North America by December.

Spoilers for the first month of Persona 4 and Persona 3 below.


  • Resembles Persona 3
  • Interesting Story
  • More cool guys and cute girls
  • More cool persona designs
  • Another great soundtrack
  • Option to control each player individually (good for boss battles)
  • Shortcut menu to jump to a location saving time on walking


  • No Elizabeth! She was awesome! >__<
  • Quite hard to hit enemies from behind so sometimes the enemy gets the advantage if you miss.
  • Can’t continuously farm in the dungeon since the map and chests are fixed for a given night and you don’t recover your HP/SP by leaving the dungeon. (At least on the first dungeon this is true)

Any hints of yuri?
Well…Yukiko did call Chie her prince…but she wasn’t herself…

Chie: 3 princes…do you mean I’m included?

Yukiko: Chie..fufu..that’s right. My prince…

She looks like this though…

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7 Responses to Persona 4

  1. Ruby says:

    ^^ loool xDD Her Prince >.< Persona is sooo cooool =) I just finished with Persona 3 and I loved it :D I alway´s thought why so many people say “YukarixMitsuru” but now I know why xDD Really funny and enjoyable ^^ Thanks for ure information =)

  2. shijima says:

    Yah, Persona 3 was awesome. My favorite character is Elizabeth. Did you play Fes? You can go out with Elizabeth and she does the funniest things. :)

  3. Ana says:

    Well, I guess Naoto hidding herself as as boy and using that cap resembles Utena’s movie a lot. XD My insane mind always see some NaotoXRise stuff everywhere in the game, OMG. But this “thing” between Yukiko and Chie is A LOT more supect. XDDD
    P4 is awesome. ;D

  4. shijima says:

    Yah, agree with you on P4. I like the upbeat soundtrack though the yellow color scheme is a bit bright at times.
    P3 is also awesome. Aegis x Metis FTW (well, maybe not if you’ve played through FES and find the truth about them. :p )
    Elizabeth from P3 is my fave, it took me forever to beat her since I was missing some critical items but the fates smiled on me one day and I finally suceeded. :p

  5. Winterbraid says:

    Heh, I played the first Persona a bit on an emulator; it looked like a great game, but the combat system was killing me (in many meanings of the word) — so I stopped. ^-^; Also I don`t really enjoy games with mute protagonists, plus you couldn`t play as a girl; I suppose this one is different in these aspects? Among the things I liked was how it (Persona 1) blended occult and magic with contemporary setting, and also the FPP dungeon crawl. I guess I`m an FPP person after all. ^-^;

  6. shijima says:

    Yah, I didn’t much like the combat system of the first one either.
    I gave up after the first dungeon.
    Persona 3 and 4 are a bit different I think in their combat system.
    I don’t remember exactly but in P3, you only control the protagonist and give suggestions to the other members. P4 you can control the actions of others if you want, or put it on automatic. In P3/P4, you can’t bargain with demons like in P1 to get them to join you or run away.
    I do like the Persona cards though I didn’t read the description of each since it was rather difficult…

  7. Winterbraid says:

    Heh, actually it was negotiations which I didn`t like most about the combat (if you wanted to get the monsters to join, that is); it kinda reminded me of pokeball throwing in the Pokemon games, which also put me off the series eventually. (Along with the level grinding, and low replay value, and the increasingly complex mechanics of every consequent game…) ^-^;
    I guess I prefer Nanoha`s “Defeat = Friendship” approach. ^-^

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