akaiito drama cd – bonus track transcript

This is a transcript of the last track which is the bonus track for the Akaiito Drama CD.
I think it’s the funniest part. :D
The narrator is Yumei.
In case you don’t know, Uduki is the swordwielding demon killer (onikiri) and Nozomi and Mikage are twin oni.

Kei, Youko, and Orin

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16 Responses to akaiito drama cd – bonus track transcript

  1. Hazuki says:

    I think Uzuki have problem with her reasoning.
    Her wish astounded me.
    Though actually her wish really reflecting her. :P

    And yeah, it was very funny (and stupid).
    Poor Nozomi. :D

  2. shijima says:

    Hehe, yah, it’s a very Uduki-like wish.
    I always find it amusing when Uduki argues with Sakuya.

  3. Hazuki says:

    Yeah, I agree.
    Though I think Sakuya and Tsudura (plus Kei?) arguments before card game is more amusing.

  4. Gabe Puratekuta says:

    That Uduki! What fun is it when they don’t resist? XD

  5. shijima says:

    That’s probably why she only got a few EXP. :p

  6. Hazuki says:

    Shijima, do you have any picture of the drama cd?
    If you had it, could you upload the scan?
    Thank you.

  7. shijima says:

    Ah, apologies. I actually don’t have the CD. I uploaded the ones I could find but I couldn’t really find any.

  8. Hazuki says:

    Um… ok.
    Thanks for the reply and the pictures.
    At least I got the cover.

    Anyway, who is the girl on the left beside Kei?
    Is that one of Kei classmate?
    And is that Yumei on the right side of Kei?
    How came her hair became that long?
    Though she looks good with that uniform and hairstyle.

  9. shijima says:

    Sure, np.
    I think the people next to Kei are her classmates cause the drama cd is about a school trip to Nara and Kyoto.
    The one on the left if Nara Youko and the one on the right is Orin. (Err…I don’t know her first name.)
    Orin is apparently an ojou-sama, so maybe a bit like Yumei?

  10. Hazuki says:

    Ow… I see.
    Did the school trip happen before Akaiito event?
    Just curious…

    So that was Orin huh.
    She looks similar in appearances with Yumei, albeit her hair is longer, she looks poised, and her eye color is different.
    Though I am not really sure about the eye color. :P
    I can’t see the eye color clearly. >.<

  11. shijima says:

    No, the school trip happens after the Akaiito events in summer.
    I have to listen to it again but I think Kei, Yumei, and Orin and sharing a room for the trip. I’ve uploaded a pic from the special anthology that came with the limited edition of the game. I think that’s Orin too and her eye color’s a bit clearer.
    She DOES look like Yumei. Distant relative maybe? :D

  12. Hazuki says:

    Thank you very much for another great picture.
    Now I’m conviced that is Orin.
    And yeah, I think the possibility of that is not zero.

    Note: I think, Kei and friends looks better wearing uniform in drama cd cover.
    Particularly Orin. :D

  13. Nameless says:

    I don’t know which one is the drama cd -_-. Can you give me the download link (not the download location pls).

  14. ayumu says:

    hey shijima,can you tellme ,where can i get drama cd’s like this one…but i’m lookinf for more…please…お願いします

  15. Kuen says:

    Hello! Can anyone tell me where the transcript is? I’m really interested in what it contains, but I cannot seem to find it… ;_;
    Thanks so much for all the akaiito and aoishiro translations! I really enjoyed the games and extras! (((:

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