Second Contest

I am holding out another contest. The task is simple enough: Make a short story with Shiznat pairings. Themes are up to you. (Ex.: Smex ;) , Romance, Horror, etc.) Just make it as interesting as possible. The contest will be closed on January 31st, 2009.  One entry per person so you better make it good. :)

Due to comments length limit and paragraph coding. I have to ask you to submit your stories via email: Be it in a link or otherwise.

Now, lets talk about the prize. Currently I have 8 copies of TAKARAZUKA DVDs. Some with subs, some are RAWS. They are all DVD quality. To avoid some people choosing only subs and leaving the RAWS out I decided that I would pick 4 winners and each of the winners would have to choose 1 SUB and 1 RAW DVD with the exception if you pick 2 SUBS, one of them have to be the sampler disk because I have 5 subs and 3 RAWS. Overseas contestants are welcomed. Please include your e-mail address when you submit your story. All e-mail and/or mailing addresses must be valid. I won’t have the packages returned back to me.

One more thing: I will post the name of the winners along with their ranking numbers, so winner no. 2 will lose priority over winner no. 1 and so on when it comes to choosing prize.

Prize Description:

The Glassy Landscape (Sub) NOT AVAILABLE
Star Troupe, 2002-03
Top Stars: Kōju Tatsuki/Nagisa Aki
Final Show For: Kōju Tatsuki, Nagisa Aki, Yumeki Noa, Akisono Mio, Narumi Jun, Asazumi Kei

1960, Northern Italy. Wealthy citizens from all over the globe gather in a resort town on the Lago di Como for the summer. This summer, however, things don’t go quite as planned. During a party at the Simmons’s villa to celebrate the beginning of the season, a man is murdered, and the Simmons’s youngest daughter is found by the body with a gun in her hand. Who was the man? Who did it? Was it the mysterious new master of the neighboring villa, Joey Baxter? Police inspector Mira is determined to find out, but it seems more than one secret is being concealed by the rich guests.

Nova Bossa Nova (Sub) NOT AVAILABLE
Snow Troupe, 1999
Top Stars: Todoroki Yū, Tsukikage Hitomi

This is a famous revue which has been performed many times by Takarazuka Revue, beginning in 1971. It incorporates well-known Spanish songs with new Japanese ones to tell the story of the thieves Sol and Ouro, and the women who fall in love with them during the Rio de Janeiro carnival, Estrella and Brisa. The only spoken dialogue in the revue is the priest and the nun, plus one line each by Sol and Estrella. The rest is told through song, or acted out.

Seal of Roses (Sub) NOT AVAILABLE
Moon Troupe, 2003-04
Final Show For: Shibuki Jun

Vampires do exist, and so long as their soul hasn’t been corrupted they are free from evil. This musical follows the life of Francis, a templar knight from the 13th century. He finds shelter in the Valley of the Roses from the persecution that has wiped out the rest of his order, but then finds himself tangled in the lives of the vampire clan living there. He falls in love with their princess, but can he choose eternal, endless life to be with her? And what will happen after….?

Season of Angels (Sub) NOT AVAILABLE
Flower Troupe, 2004
Top Stars: Haruno Sumire/Fuzuki Miyo

A special short comedy to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Takarazuka Revue. In the odd, anachronistic little European kingdom of Cannellonia, the old king will soon be celebrating his 90th birthday. There he intends to announce his great-granddaughter’s betrothal to the prince of his choice. But Margherita is in love with a penniless Parisian actor named Gustave. Can Gustave and his two friends cause enough chaos to disrupt the betrothal….?

Sampler Disk (Sub) NOT AVAILABLE

A collection of scenes and musical numbers from different Takarazuka shows over the years. This will be a great chance to see different troupes and actresses in action.


Tango Number from Great Century
Star 1999; Minoru Kou, Hoshina Yuri, etc.

Nikolai and Pugachov (Kuroi Hitomi)
Moon 1998; Makoto Tsubasa, Shibuki Jun

Nine-Tailed Fox (Millenium Challenger)
Cosmos 2000; Juri Sakiho, Hanafusa Mari, etc.

The Empress’s Fast (Elisabeth)
Star 1996; Asaji Saki, Shiraki Ayaka

Liquor (Cocktail)
Flower 2003; Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun, Misuzu Aki

Bit from Quiz Hexagon #1
Makoto Tsubasa, Shizuki Asato, Shibuki Jun, Takumi Hibiki, Emao Yuu, Shiokaze Kou

Heat Up (Temptation)
Cosmos 2003; Wao Youka, Yamato Yuuga, Hatsukaze Midori, Ayano Kanami, etc.

Scene 1 & 2 (Susano-o)
Snow 2004; Asami Hikaru, Maikaze Rira, Mirai Yuuki, Sou Kazuho, etc.

Flower Halftime Number (2004 Daiundoukai)
Flower 2004; Haruno Sumire, Fuzuki Miyo, Sena Jun, Ayabuki Mao, Ranju Tomu, etc.

Blue Illusion (Blue Moon Blue)
Moon 2000; Makoto Tsubasa, Dan Rei, Shibuki Jun, Hatsukaze Midori, etc.

Moses Supposes (Singin’ in the Rain)

Star 2003; Aran Kei, Yamato Yuuga, Yuuho Satoru

Scene from Tale of Two Cities
Moon Troupe 1985, Daichi Mao, Kiri Satomi, Tsurugi Miyuki

Kono Yo ni Tada Hitotsu (TCA Special ’96)
1996, Snow Troupe Members: Ichiro Maki, Hanafusa Mari, Kouju Tatsuki

Home (Phantom shinjin kouen)
Cosmos 2004; Nanaho Hikaru, Hanakage Arisu

Hana no Michi, Yume no Michi, Towa no Michi (Hana no Michi, Yume no Michi, Towa no Michi Concert)
2005; Matsumoto Yuri, Izumo Aya

Oka no Ue no Johnny (Adieu, Takarazuka Theater)
1997; Migiwa Natsuko (with Otori Ran)

92nd Class Hatsubutai Line Dance (Never Say Goodbye)

92nd Class, 2006

Based on: The Importance of Being Earnest
Flower Troupe, 2005

Jack is an English gentleman who pretends to be his own brother, named Ernest, so he can enjoy himself in the city without besmirching his reputation at his country estate. Unfortunately, he’s just fallen in love with a young woman who insists that she can only marry a man named Ernest–and when Jack’s best friend (Algy) goes to Jack’s country estate pretending to be this same brother Ernest, he falls in love with Jack’s ward, who similarly feels that Ernest is the perfect name for a husband… The absurdity of the plot is matched by the exquisite cleverness of the dialogue. Pandemonium ensues when these two would-be Ernests find themselves face-to-face and in the predicament of explaining who they really are!

The Rose of Versailles (RAW)


Based on: The Rose of Versailles manga by Ikeda Ryoko.
Troupe: ?

Takarazuka has made many versions of The Rose of Versailles since 1974 which focuses in many different pairings or side stories. From what I can gather on this one, the plot focuses on the relationship between Oscar and Andre and Oscar is given the lead role. Forgive me if I’m wrong though. For more information click here or here

The Phantom of The Opera (RAW) NOT AVAILABLE
Based On: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
Troupe: ?
Year: ?

I believe the lead role is played by Haruna Sumire but I could be wrong. The summary of the play is too long to be posted here so just read the summary here

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17 Responses to Second Contest

  1. yurianimeotaku says:

    OMG! The ONE thing I am obsessed with MORE than yuri anime is TAKARAZUKA!! I am an uber fangirl of WaoHana (swoon).

    I am a fan fiction author over on and was wondering if I could just post a link to one of my ShizNat one-shots? Or do you want me to copy and paste it here?

    Thank you.

  2. Ren says:


    You can leave the link here.

  3. Kieli says:

    @ ren: Doesn’t this site of a length limit for posts? Plus, formatting would be a real pain because the post format here doesn’t recognise paragraphs (I tried for the last contest to write a lengthy post with paragraphs and it didn’t work quite so well). Do you know how to get around this issue?

  4. Kieli says:

    (edited to add: I tried using the HTML tags for paragraph and an ordered list and didn’t have much success. Wanted to know if you knew which tags were acceptable if posting a story here.)

  5. ren says:


    You know what, you’re right it would be a pain. So, okay for those who already have those stories in or other sites, just post the link here.

    For the rest of you, I’m sorry but please hold off those wonderful stories until I can figure out how best to do this. Won’t be long, don’t worry. I’m not aware of length limits for comments. I guess I should do research or ask Shijima.

  6. Well, since it is close to Valentine’s Day, I felt this ShizNat one-shot would be an appropriate entry:

  7. Ren says:

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience but can you also send the link to thanks

    The problem is solved. Look at the edited part of this post on how to post your story.

  8. Kieli says:

    Excellent! Thank you for checking on that. I wasn’t entirely sure but figured you’d suss out a solution sure enough. I do have one quick question though….does the story have to be one created recently or can one submit a fic that one has already written?

  9. ren says:

    It doesn’t matter when you create the story. What matters is that you pick the one you feel is the best one amongst them all. I hope this helps. :)
    I will tell you one thing though, I’m an avid reader and a frequent visitor of fan fiction sites. heheh…

    I wonder if more people will join the contest. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot people love Takarazuka.

  10. Kieli says:

    You know, I’ve never viewed Takarazuka so it would be fun to win one of the DVDs. I’ve heard a lot about it and I think it would be fun to experience one of the shows live.

  11. tsuyo_puyo says:


    i followed your link and realized that i read one of your fanfics before lol, the strawberry panic one, was great!

  12. yurianimeotaku says:

    I would LOVE to see one of their shows in person as well, but those tix are pretty pricey…not to mention the travel expenses…LOL!

  13. yurianimeotaku says:

    Thank you. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it.

  14. ren says:

    Me three. I would love to see it in person, but beside expensiveness, what I heard is if you wanna see famous top star play, the tix usually are sold out before you can say “Hoee?” (From Sakura Card Captor)

  15. yurianimeotaku says:


    I read on one of the Takarazuka fan sites the best way to secure tickets to the popular shows is to become a member of one of the larger Takarazuka fan clubs in Japan. Apparently, their members get first dibs on the tickets.

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  17. Sounds very similar to the battle between the Sophie and the Cacafuego at the end of the Master and Is this what it was based on?

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