Sono Hanabira – Valentine’s Day


A big thank you to Winterbraid for proofreading and the translation check!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is another short story featuring Yuuna and Nanami from the first Sonohana game.
There’s more as Winterbraid called it, “generic hentai dialogue” but the pictures are cute.
If you want to skip that, just read up to page 28 and skip to page 36. =)

I was a little confused by the round-table discussion at the end.
If anyone knows who/what mOxi refers to, let me know.

The chocolates mentioned in the story, Jean-Paul Hevin look really nice.
Too bad some items are required to be picked up in-store in Paris…


I do like the 4-koma featuring the other couples.
Tsundere FTW!

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26 Responses to Sono Hanabira – Valentine’s Day

  1. Winterbraid says:

    Happy Valentine`s Day to you as well! <3
    And the 4-koma are really cute indeed… especially the first one. ^-^

  2. shijima says:

    Thx for all your help!
    I only realized my typo after I posted it. ;__;
    That’s what I get for not sending you the 4-koma to review. :p

  3. Blue says:

    The second 4-coma, Reo and Mai scene, there was an error on the the box, “But cute reo gavf it her all to make it” it should be “give” not givf. :D

    Thanks for sharing this! and also translating! :D

  4. Nyaa says:

    Sorry to be a party pooper but this has been deleted off NyaaTorrents.
    Please use for adult material (as outlined in the rules).

  5. Hazuki says:

    Shijima, Happy Valentine to you and also Winterbraid and Ren.
    Thanks for this cute 4-koma.
    Btw, is the one available for download already fixed or not?

    And too bad the torrent was deleted.

  6. Mjolnir says:

    Many thanks to Shijima and Winterbraid! And happy Valentine’s Day to all!
    I really enjoyed this story even though it takes a lot more time to read than basic manga.
    Poor Nanami always worries so much about making her onee-sama happy

  7. ren says:

    Happy Valentine to you all. Thanks for the cute story.

  8. shijima says:

    Fixed, thx for letting me know.

    My apologies for not reading the rules.
    Thank you for letting me know.
    I have re-uploaded it.

    Hehe, thx. Yes, I have fixed both the HTTP and the torrent

    Hehe, yah, Nanami does try her best.

    Thank you for always helping out. =)

  9. Majer says:

    Thanks a lot, I love SonoHana ^^

    Btw, do you plan to translate also the Kaede/Sara and Mai/Reo doujinshi?
    (actually I like these 2 couples more than Nanami/Yuna ^^’)

  10. Haven’t gotten a chance to read it, but the “mOxi” you were confused about is probably talking about Mixi.

  11. Blue says:

    Is there any such thing…….as Kaede/Sara and Mai/Reo….doujin? I mean I haven’t heard of it…. :o

    No problem :D

  12. Majer says:


    Here you can see all the SonoHana stuff:

    6 games (2 for each couple)
    6 novel doujinshi (2 for each couple, the 2nd for Mai/Reo will be released in a few days)
    2 drama CDs (Nanami/Yuna and Kaede/Sara, the latter will be released on the 20th too)

  13. Yi says:

    Hanabira is the one of the best thing that’s happened to yuri.
    The people here are another.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. shijima says:

    @maou zenigame
    Awesome! Thanks for the help!
    I’m so behind on trends both in the US and Japan…

    Yah, eventually I’d like to translate the rest.
    Hehe, it takes a while so I can’t give any deadline though. :p
    Mai and Reo are my fave of course.
    Oh wow! I didn’t know a 2nd Drama CD came out, thanks.

    Hehe, you’re too nice. =)
    Yah, the artwork is quite nice and the games are not too bizarre.

  15. AXYPB says:

    In the meantime, are there any raws of the remaining novels available?

  16. shijima says:

    Sorry, I at least, don’t have any since I haven’t gotten around to scanning them. >__<

  17. Serie says:

    I really hope to see the rest of these sometime ^^ has a list of them. Any chance you’d be able to scan the raws for us shijima? I know you’re busy, so if you can’t don’t worry about it, I just haven’t had any luck whatsoever finding the raws anywhere =X

  18. shijima says:

    I normally don’t scan stuff I don’t translate but since I’m too busy to work on this, give me a couple week and I’ll scan and clean the next one with is about Kaede x Sara on vacation in the summer.

    However, I won’t scan any more unless this one gets translated to English by either me or someone else, since I’d like to also read it too. :p
    Unfortunately because of Aoishiro’s deadline, I won’t have time till next year though.

    If you’re really interested, I got mine from Mangaoh – Sonohana – NSFW!
    English instructions on how to order (Haven’t actually tried these instructions, but the people at Mangaoh do speak some English)

    They don’t have the XMas one or the first doujin on the list you sent though.

  19. Serie says:

    That sounds great! I’ll give translating a go in my free time, to keep my Japanese from getting rusty lol. It might take me a while to do, but I’ll definitely give it a shot. Thanks for everything, I’ll take a look at Mangaoh too!

  20. Orangegurl says:

    I wonder is there any 1 has the drama cd 2? I really want to have it…mind to share? ^.^ thank u

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