Sono Hanabira – Valentine’s Day


A big thank you to Winterbraid for proofreading and the translation check!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is another short story featuring Yuuna and Nanami from the first Sonohana game.
There’s more as Winterbraid called it, “generic hentai dialogue” but the pictures are cute.
If you want to skip that, just read up to page 28 and skip to page 36. =)

I was a little confused by the round-table discussion at the end.
If anyone knows who/what mOxi refers to, let me know.

The chocolates mentioned in the story, Jean-Paul Hevin look really nice.
Too bad some items are required to be picked up in-store in Paris…


I do like the 4-koma featuring the other couples.
Tsundere FTW!

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26 Responses to Sono Hanabira – Valentine’s Day

  1. shijima says:

    Sorry I don’t have that one.
    I haven’t even gotten around to listening to the first one. :p

  2. Orangegurl says:

    Huhu…where can i find it, bt i found at japanese site…too bad idk how to dl T_T

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m the same person who commented on the Vaction doujin a few days ago.
    Thanks for translating this. It was cool to finally see what the character’s personailty was like. I’m lookiing forward to future work.

  4. shijima says:

    Sure, np. Glad you liked it.
    It seems Yuuna and Nanmi are getting another novel next month. =)

  5. Ah, where can i find it, But I can’t find it , could you help me?

  6. King-Slayer says:

    Damn this is awesome thank you!

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