aoishiro doujin – illustration collection


Another doujinshi by Miyageya. 18 pages.
Contains heavy spoilers for most of the best endings of the characters so avoid if you don’t want to know!
I got spoiled myself (but the drawings were nice).

Also has another recommended song, Disc2 – Track 3
You can probably tell that this is used during some of the bad endings.


Comiket 75 Goods

Lami Card
Front: = meat

Back: Ba Rouryuu – Text says: That’s right. Next year is the year of the ox.

Envelope for Lami Card: Has a picture of Matamu. Text says Otoshidama (New Year’s Gift).

Akaiito Marble
Resembles Kei’s cell phone strap.

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  1. Hazuki says:

    Wha… oO
    Youko and Orin?
    What a shocking result!
    Never thought that pair was possible.

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