aoishiro doujin – illustration collection


Another doujinshi by Miyageya. 18 pages.
Contains heavy spoilers for most of the best endings of the characters so avoid if you don’t want to know!
I got spoiled myself (but the drawings were nice).

Also has another recommended song, Disc2 – Track 3
You can probably tell that this is used during some of the bad endings.


Comiket 75 Goods

Lami Card
Front: = meat

Back: Ba Rouryuu – Text says: That’s right. Next year is the year of the ox.

Envelope for Lami Card: Has a picture of Matamu. Text says Otoshidama (New Year’s Gift).

Akaiito Marble
Resembles Kei’s cell phone strap.

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21 Responses to aoishiro doujin – illustration collection

  1. Kaishin says:

    Wow thanks. :]
    And thanks for the warning I myself don’t like spoilers so I wont be downloading that and omg that song is really good and sad thanks for the recommendation. xD

  2. Foudr3 says:

    Oh :’(
    There is a problem with the links, it’s Yume Utsutsu :’(

  3. darkslayer99 says:

    problem wid the link…

  4. Hazuki says:

    Thanks Shijima.

  5. Waki_Miko says:

    Since the hyperlink hasn’t been corrected yet:

    Feel free to throw this comment away when the DDL hyperlinks are fixed.

  6. shijima says:

    Yah, I figured people could just d/l it and wait until they finish the game to look at it.
    I was hoping someone could color the pictures though since they’re B&W

    Sure, np. The pictures of Yasumi in this one is great. Who knew Yasumi was a Seme?

    Thank you for posting the temporary links. I’ve fixed the one in the post now.

    Mine apologies for the incorrect HTTP link -___-

  7. Hazuki says:

    Actually that picture is not one of my favorite. ;p
    The picture that I like actually “Battle Monk”, “Kohaku and Yasuhime”, Ayashiro picture, Nami picture and last but not the least Momo-chan picture in credit page. :D
    Where did you get that absolutely cute Momo-chan picture in credit page?
    And I don’t know why but Nami picture looks a bit weird somehow I think. :|
    Btw, is this the last untranslated Aoishiro/Akaiito doujin that you have?

  8. K-Nashi says:

    ah,words cannot express my grattitude for this release…XD
    damn it!! I got heavy Nosebleed when I see that Yasu x`Osa pic!!! XD

    and I agree with the author here….Ayashiro is DEFINITELY got a feeling towards Syouko,I actually surprised when I found her not as one of the “edible” charcter in there…^^;

    I mean.she got almost all of the requirement to be Syouko’s pair!!,A classmate,friend for years,a roomate……or on second thought..that actually an ingredient for a bad end isn;t it..?..^^;(she does actually give the Tomoyo ‘vibe’ in her…)

    Thx again Shijima-san..:D

  9. shijima says:

    Ah, I scanned the Momoko picture from a lami card from the last Comiket.
    It came in a cute envelope with Matamu on it and even a marble that’s like Kei’s cellphone strap.
    No Nozomi inside though. :p
    I updated the post with pictures.
    Hmm…yah, I prefer Nami to be draped over Syouko. =)

    I have one last Aoishiro doujin which is all-ages, Syouko x Kaya but I liked the Miyageya doujin better.
    I’ll still scan it though and you can let me know what you think.

    Sure, np. Ah, I can see how Ayashiro could be a possible pairing, but then like Tomoyo she stepped aside for Yasumi (whose feelings are pretty obvious to everyone except Syouko. :p )

  10. hinagi says:

    /Die because anemia after seeing osa x yasu
    *cough* a-anyway, thanks again shijima-san! XD too bad there’s only 1 aya’s pic there x3

  11. Hazuki says:

    Yeah, I also feel she give similar vibe like Tomoyo.

    Thanks very much. XD

  12. shijima says:

    Sure, np. It seems Kaya’s quite popular in doujin though. :D

  13. dragonfire5000 says:

    Of course; tall, dark, and bishoujo girls are the ones that get all the love. Thanks for the doujinshi; there really needs to be more of these things for Akai Ito and Aoi Shiro.

  14. shijima says:

    Hehe, that does seem to be the case. Uduki was quite popular in Akaiito also. Sakuya was jealous I’m sure.
    This circle is probably going to be at the next Comiket so I’ll see if I can pick up some more stuff. =)

  15. Anonymous says:

    I know this is very old, but for those who missed it:

    SUCCESS’ Akaiito popular pairing contest results:

  16. Watchman says:

    “It’s been a while since I heard the word .cattle mutilation’.

    Because of this I joined her fanclub.”
    …wait, what? O_o

  17. shijima says:

    Oh! Thanks! I hadn’t seen that before. No surprise that Kei x Uduki won.
    Yay! Kei x Yumei came in second! Congrats to them!

    Ah, Momoko manages to toss in the word “cattle mutilation” in one of her rants.
    Actually her theory is not half bad. =)

    Show spoiler

  18. Hazuki says:

    Wow, thanks.
    I also missed it too.
    And yay for Kei X Yumei and Kei X Mikage. :3

    Who is the fifth and sixth pair?

  19. Anonymous says:

    1st – Kei x Uzuki
    2nd – Kei x Yumei
    3rd – Kei x Nozomi
    4th – Kei x Sakuya
    5th – Youko x Orin (Kei’s friends in school)
    6th – Kei x Tsuzura

  20. shijima says:

    Thanks for the answer.
    Interesting choice for the 5th place winner. I never thought of that one. :p

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