Girl Friend by Morinaga Milk

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Here’s only yuri story from Morinaga Milk “Study After School” hentai anthology from year 1996,so it’s really old stuff.

Thanks shijima for translation of this story.


Also some Girl Friends rant,I hope that chapter 21 which will be a conclusion for volume 3 will bring Mari and Akko together,at least each volume so far had Mari/Akko kiss in last chapter,so I hope Morinaga won’t change it now into Mari/Harada kiss or something and will keep up with tradition…

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  1. James Woods says:

    Thanks ShiroAka! I knew Milk-chan wouldn’t hold out on us anymore; she’d lose a lot of fans if something didn’t happen quick =) God, those two look cute, but has anyone ever noticed that with Morinaga’s main characters, there’s a long, light-haired girl and a dark, but short-haired girl in all the yuri she draws?

  2. Winterbraid says:

    @James Woods:
    I think this is generally quite a popular match in yuri and shoujo-ai… see Noir. ^-^;

  3. Tsuyo_Puyo says:

    i like Girl Friends, but i dont nearly enjoy it as much as morinaga milk’s short story compilation, “Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink”, the stories between Nana and Hitomi have a much more pure yuri feel. lol in Girl Friends the only character i like is Mari, Sugi seems like a slut, Akki has no shame (referring to when she got drunk at the mixer, that really made me shake my head), and Taimamin is kinda funny, but for an otaku shes not very interesting

  4. Shizuru says:

    @James Woods:there’s a growing rumors at /u/ that morinaga milk herself looks alike with that black short haired girl. so the long haired girl must be…..
    ah well,just a rumors so no need to take it seriously lol

  5. TheShinySword says:

    On the subject of Morinaga milk… chapter 21 is now out and translated. :3

  6. spaaku says:

    what are you on about? you can’t enjoy characters because they don’t fit your criteria of pure and innocent? are you scouting for a girlfriend or reading a comic? not being able to like a character because she got drunk is pretty damn sad, not to mention weird.
    how do you fit into this big scary world?

  7. Trevor says:

    Girl friends is probably my favorite manga of all time! It goes at a good pace as far as mari and akko’s relationship and all the supporting characters are totally typical teenage girls. I love it!

  8. Draconix814 (@NicolasMoncada2) says:

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