Lucky Star doujin – Hoshi Koi (Kanmidokoro Hibiki)

Download - Hentai!

Thanks to /u/ for scanning this one (and info on the circle)!

Hopefully this will finally win for me some comments from the loli lovers, who seem to have been avoiding my releases recently… (Yeah, I’m talking about you, Hazuki.) :3

I’m not putting a loli warning on this one ’cause Konata is actually high school age. It has only nine pages – and is rather peculiar in that of these, only the cover is (relatively) worksafe; in other words, expect massive PWPness (and some OOCness too, in my opinion). As you might’ve noticed by now, I’m not a big loli fan, nor an appreciator of saucepan eyes… but due to lack of raws, general boredom and the fact that I found this quite well-drawn and a bit funny, I decided to work on it nevertheless. ^-^;


Although it seems that right after picking it up, I suddenly found myself with a lot of things to do… tampering with the TVtropes page for Pukapuka included – thanks again for having launched it, Matthew Brown! I also meddled a little with Opeth and Dream Theater‘s pages, so you might want to take a look at these too. It seems that Mastodon is lacking one, though… something certainly needs to be done about this, possibly by me (when? o_0). Meanwhile, raws have also come by (thanks, Shijima!), so I certainly won’t suffer from idle-handedness again in a while. ^-^;

Update: I’ve just learned the location of the author’s Pixiv page – it has some more artwork (of girls) in similar spirit… though not much yuri there, unfortunately.

I’m sure I had a lot of interesting things to say here, but can’t think of any right now (spring sleepiness is a formidable foe). So I’ll just post some cool links for now…

You might have heard about Ubunchu – an open source manga (what?) about a school computer club, focusing on operating systems… Linux included! Now I haven’t taken a look at it myself yet, but it seems to have at least two girls, Ubuntu (a Debian‘s fork, if you’re interested) and is available in multiple languages, English among others. You can learn more about it (and get links) here…


This is miserably old news by now, but Dynasty has released a yuri one-shot Kusari wa mou Iranai, consisting of fluff and OLs… in other words, yuri featuring adult women! Go get it from here if you haven’t already.

Also, I can’t stress it enough… Please use the RSS. It’s one of the wonders of the computer age. ^-^;

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  1. lloyd1191 says:

    Hey, I actually have a hentai yuri manga of Lucky Star. Pairing Kagami and Konata, if you are interested, you could translated it for us. Here’s the link:

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