Lying Lips (Usotsuki na Kuchibiru) by UA & Marimite Doujin


As I’m sure most of you have read If It’s a Love Where I’ll Even Forget to Blink” we translated awhile back from the same doujin circle, this one follows along the same vein, and thankfully, we get more than a kiss on the forehead plus a satisfying conclusion. (at least to me, lol.) What stands out the first time I edit this was the beautiful and artsy book cover. It looks to be thick with pattern impressed in paper . Overall, I’m very impressed with the printing and scan quality. Thanks shijima for providing raws and translation and Yi for QC.


Translated, Mirror


I commented yesterday about Hugs & Lips, a Marimite DJ. Well… as a matter of fact, as I was organizing my HDD tonight, I found the translated one. Whadda ya know huh? I forgot all about this until someone mentioned it in the comment. Hahah…

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11 Responses to Lying Lips (Usotsuki na Kuchibiru) by UA & Marimite Doujin

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great doujin, thank you very much for the release!

    Funny thing is, I didn’t suspect that there was anything between Shizune and Natsuki until Shizune did stuff to Natsuki in her sleep and went batshit crazy.

  2. Kyaura says:

    That was an excellent ShizXNat, wow.

    Thank you.

  3. shijima says:

    Thanks for the quick editing.
    Yes, the quality of the book was pretty nice.

  4. Cuddlyness says:

    This was wonderful, thank you! ^_^

  5. Rajal says:


  6. Impy says:

    That doujinshi is beautifully done. Thanks a ton for translating it <3 the art’s also gorgeous <3

  7. Yi says:

    I think this is a particularly good one. I like sweet doujins with more of a story/ character insights. The cover is certainly very nice also.

    Thanks Ren and Shijima.

  8. Neeloh says:

    Thank you very much to keep on translating some beautiful shiznat dounjins. I noticed that excep hentai ones, not very interesting cause badly drawn, you have other wonderful ones which focus on relationship. I don’t know how to have scan, but here some links concerning some other potential good doujins. : from this artist,, known by many shiznat fans. It seems that it was published at the end of 2008 in Japan.

  9. Sleepy says:

    Thanks for this sweet doujin!!! LOVED IT!!! hehehe LOOOOVE how Shizuru always has the upper hand. =)

  10. Winterbraid says:

    Hehe, I’ve finally gotten around to read this; it was rather sweet. Though I think it’d have been even better if they actually went all the way – ’cause in my opinion, the whole story just screamed for it, somehow. But I guess it was too early for Natsuki. ^-^;

    That Marimite piece was a good laugh, too. ^-^

    Yeah, I started watching Mai-HiME because I’d heard it had yuri, and at first I thought Shizuru was just some random airhead. (In fact, I was betting on NatsuxMai in the beginning… see the blanket scene.) Then once Shizuru went into rape mode, I thought, “All right, so she’s another EPL. Oh well.” But when it turned out that Natsuki had a thing for her too, I was like, “Where did that come from?”.
    Overall, I found it to be one of the most awkward pairings I’ve ever seen… if you look only at the anime, that is.
    (I hope fanboys aren’t reading this.) ^-^;

  11. jam says:

    thx : ) lovelylovely shiznat fic… the art is pwetty n translation beautifully done! gd quality too…

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