touhou doujin – machibito kitaru


待ち人きたる – by Personal Color
All ages. 27 pages.
Every spring there is one person Reimu waits for.


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25 Responses to touhou doujin – machibito kitaru

  1. Brin says:

    Alittle late but none the less thanks for the hard work =)

  2. shijima says:

    @Gabe Puratekuta
    Glad you liked it.

    No, thank you for your support as always. =)

  3. K-Nashi says:

    I just noticed that you said there will be a SakuRemi doujin in the next few months..he he I can’t wait..XD
    anyway,I just found a very amusing picture of YukariREimu pics in goes…:

  4. shijima says:

    Thx for the link! So cute! Yukari’s such a tease.
    Her ability to create gaps is quite useful. :p
    Ah, I do have a SakuRemi doujin but that is not the best one I’ve seen.
    I guess I can still scan it. I have a Sakuya x Remi one is cuter IMHO (also by Sapuri).

  5. Shizuru says:

    S-sakuRemi o_o;;; certainly can’t wait o_o;;
    Other than the famous pairing,I really love MokouxKeine,PatchyxKoakuma and SanaexAlice XD too bad it’s hard to find doujin of those pairings

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