Tonari Atte Futari, Mukai Atte Sannin (Chapter 1 part 2)


The second half of the Beginning Chapter; in which we finally start getting a grasp of what it all really is about. ^-^; I found Ran a bit annoying, though… I don’t like sly characters very much. (Perhaps because I’m a little like that, myself.)


In other news:
All the Spanish-speaking Yuri lovers will probably want to know that Baul del Yuri are kindly contributing a version of Noblerot – a sweet Noir doujinshi that’s been posted here a while ago – in the language of Cervantes; so if this falls inside the area of your interests, why don’t you go read it here – and perhaps leave a word or two while you’re at it? ^-^


And that would be it from me, for today; yep, I’m getting less and less verbose (which I guess isn’t a bad thing). ^-^;
There might be more updates from me soon, though… it seems that whenever I find myself lacking projects, raws come like an avalanche in the next moment.

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  1. niwasatou says:

    I see.
    Well, I haven’t found it on share yet.

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