touhou dj – alice phantasm


Alice x Marisa Collaboration by Borderline, Personal Color and Setadou. 42 pages.
Gotta love Tsundere Alice.


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  1. Abbey says:

    @hmmmmm : “There is this one SanaeAlice (not really yuri) one that puts them together very nicely. I just can’t remember the name….”

    “God’s Children’s Day” by Kagero. Great doujin.

    Thanks for the translation, Alice is love :3

  2. shijima says:

    Oh, thanks! That was very nice.
    Sanae is one of my favorites. I hope to see more doujin about her. =)

  3. hmmmmm says:

    Yeah Sanae gets way too less love. Maybe because she is just such a good girl…

  4. K-nashi says:

    ..actually,if you had played the newest game of Touhou(Touhou Seirensen),Sanae might be capable of a little bit cruelty…^^;(the way she spoke to Kogasa is just cold..)

    well.If you’re looking for a good Sanae x Reimu doujin I actually found one a few weeks ago(I found it randomly on 2Ch only to find that it already uploded in Magic Archive Voile..)

    altough I can’t understand what being said,I still think this is pretty cute…^^

  5. shijima says:

    I’ve never tried translating a GBA game so I’ll have to pass on this.
    I did like playing Summon Night 3 and Summon Night Ex-Thesis for PS2.

    Awesome, thanks! Sanae is cute. =)
    (And actually pretty calculating in this one) :p
    I guess they’re playing on a DS in the beginning?
    I do like the DS, though I think I like the PSP more.
    Final Fantasy Dissidia is tons of fun. =)

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