Touhou Project doujin – Choucho Musubi (Sapuri)



Yay! Now I can shoot fireballs… hold on, that’s wrong. Anyways, this time it’s Youmu vs. the world. This one not only has battling girls, but also a big dose of delicious fluff; therefore, huge thanks to ydy for providing the raws and making this project possible.

I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot at the ending… ^-^;


It seems the author doesn’t like Reimu very much, though. Oh well… I’m not a big fan of the clergy myself. Also, don’t ask me what was the point (apart from leading into cuteness).

In other news:
I’m gonna catch up now with some things I’ve wanted to write about for quite a while, so please bear with me. ^-^;

A while ago, I have grabbed a preview of Dream Theater‘s new album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings, upcoming in June; it is supposed to be quite a journey back in the band’s history, the luminous days of A Change Of Seasons included… these are some big words, so I’m looking forward to it. ^-^ Apparently there’s a song over 16 minutes long and the closing track is going to be longer than 19, so things can indeed get rather interesting…


For the time being, the single A Rite Of Passage seems to combine the better parts of Systematic Chaos with a hint of their early works – but adapted for the heavier style of the band’s second era; quite a nice direction to take, if you ask me. ^-^ It is available for listening online here courtesy of Roadrunner Records…

This is another thing I have bought as a gift months ago, then I’ve grown to want it for myself, but whenever I felt like actually buying it, it was nowhere to be found in stores… Only a couple days ago the three factors of cash, my eagerness to part with it, and the miraculous appearance of this CD on a shelf in one of my favourite stores – have emerged at once to bring you this little review.


Since their rise from the ashes of Psychotic Waltz, the Austrian band Dead Soul Tribe has released several albums of varying quality… I had never heard of them until I’d bumped into their latest piece, A Lullaby For The Devil; their earlier works do have many decent moments, but overall have turned out to be a bit too pretty at times and generally not heavy enough for my liking…

On the other hand, while the band’s newest work does possess ethereal beauty, in no way it can be dubbed mellow. Dead Soul Tribe had forged an unique junction of industrial sound and tribal rhythms to bring us this extraordinary piece, which – topped with Devon Graves’s exceptional vocals and multi-instrumentalism – has easily secured its place among the most memorable albums I’ve ever heard. The set starts heavy, and later on shifts to a mixture of harsher and softer tones… but the focus is Devon’s flute, which strongly marks its presence on the astounding Goodbye City Life and the bold 6′ instrumental The Gosamer Strand; the latter, along with the preceding Stairway To Nowhere, smoothly leads into the lighter half of the album, briefly interrupted by Further Down – only to set the stage for the closing title track Lullaby For The Devil, both soothing and unsettling at the same time…

Last but not least: While casually strolling the depths of /u/ one day, I have run into this – I think it is so sweet, I can’t help but share it with you people. ^-^; (You’re gonna need something that plays animated .GIFs… your browser should do.)

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6 Responses to Touhou Project doujin – Choucho Musubi (Sapuri)

  1. shijima says:

    Last Arc Finish – Perfect!
    I really like doujin by Sapuri. They’re so cute. =)
    And I always thought of Yuyuko as being a bit clueless but I guess that’s just a facade.
    Thanks for the animated gif too. :)

  2. Shizuru says:

    so why Sakuya >_>;;
    oh well,thx for another cute doujin <3

  3. Winterbraid says:

    Hmm, from what I understand she’s actually supposed to be rather sharp under all this airhead outlook… Well, she’s got a thousand years and more’s worth of experience after all. ^-^

    Hehe, I guess the author doesn’t like Sakuya much either.

  4. /u/ser says:

    Um, since you asked for comments…
    The doujinshi was cute. Not enough yuri for my tastes, but it was interesting.

  5. Winterbraid says:

    Hehe, thanks for dropping by! Well, people were asking for cute doujinshi, and I thought this was pretty much relevant… it’s not easy to find stuff that is cute and sexy at the same time, you know. :3

  6. ydy says:


    I normally don’t view nostalgia as a positive feeling, but yesterday changed my mind a little.

    On Tuesday (I think) I started looking for the best comics I could find. I already knew of a few Western ones, but most of those were a bit different than what I needed. I decided that the best place to start would be shijima’s first post on Wings of Yuri. After looking for a while I saw this post with my name in it. Then I looked at the date: May 14, 2009. Almost two years might not seem like a long time to some people, but for me it is a very, very long time. By the time I finished looking through all the posts, I was smiling like I would have been if Personal Color (or Vivit Gray) had released a doujinshi starring Shou and Byakuren. All I could think of was how much had happened in the past two years.

    Wings of Yuri has done so much. I’ve done so much. Everyone has done so much. On a cosmic scale, it’s not really a lot, but it’s still something good. I probably sound like a lunatic, saying that buying, scanlating, and reading comics about cartoon lesbians has changed the world, but that’s exactly how I feel. Maybe I should start scanning again.

    I wonder when I turned into such a positive person.

    Well, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I just want to say this: Everyone have a great day. You’ve earned it.

    P.S. For more nostalgia-related fun, please view this post where Winterbraid doesn’t even know who Youmu and Yuyuko are. Sorry Winterbraid.

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