Touhou Project doujin – ユユコ (Sayakata Tea Mansion); also…


Wow… these scans are huge. Thanks to whomever has scanned this for the awesome quality raws!

Recent hiatus due to college and a short vacation – there goes my ambitious plan of systematic posting… however, this one is so long, it should count as a double release. ^-^

This time, it’s another doujinshi featuring Yuyuko and Youmu… as well as a couple other characters. Okay, perhaps not much yuri this time, but it was so cute and epic at the same time, I just couldn’t help it; plus, Yuugi is sooo gay in this story. And if you consider the fact it is mostly about food, you get Loser Winterbraid score +10000. ^-^;

This thing is basically crawling with came-os and references; thanks a lot to Shijima for help on these, but I’m pretty sure there still are tons waiting for discovery – so, please feel free to post in the comments whatever captures your attention! In several cases I have found the source of an easter egg, but still don’t know much about the original series/character; therefore, if you feel like elaborating, please do so as well. ^-^
(But no more than two references per comment, okay? Everyone wants to have fun.) :3

More stuff coming sooner than you probably expect.


In other news:
Where should I start… let me say this: I’m not blind. I do realise Nanoha x Fate is pretty much canon by now, but that doesn’t change the fact I consider it a case of Fanon rather than actual canon – I mean, the original story hasn’t made it clear these two are, in fact, lovers (and that’s not likely to change in the future, in my humble opinion; a proof of the contrary is just as improbable, though, as I don’t think the anime makers are suicidal…) – all that’s been shown is that they hug, live together, sleep together, have a baby and basically never are apart… hold on. o_0

…Anyways… That said, while they may not be my favourite couple, I am – just like at least 100% of the Internet – a huge shipper of these two; and the strength of their fandom never ceases to amaze me. Which gets me to the main topic of my current rant… Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha School Days.

Those of you who have been following or the creator’s Youtube channel, you should already know that the first episode (8 minutes long, apparently first of three) of this fanmade anime, set somewhere between A’s and Strikers if I’m correct, is out – yay, fandom povar etc. (This rant will be a very long one, so I have put it in spoiler tags; feel free to skip it if you don’t feel like digging through it.) ^-^;


…I find it hard to speak of fanmade content at times; it may not always make me go, “kyaaa!”, and comparison with commercial works is not fun – but still, by bluntly expressing my opinion, I wouldn’t like to discourage the creator from progressing and (hopefully) making an improvement… thusly, I’ll try to stay as “professional” (whatever that means) as possible. ^-^;

Well, actually I kind of expected this to be much worse! I liked the opening theme – I think it’s good technically, and fits the overall mood pretty well. The new artwork ranged from moderately passable to surprisingly good; animation was decent I guess, though a bit jaggy (abrupt stops are not cool), and, as I think several people have mentioned, quite on the fast side at times – I wouldn’t like to argue whether real-life walking looks like this, but in anime, it just… doesn’t seem right. I’m not sure whether it’s the encode or the recording, but the sound is really bad at times; if it is the latter, I’d recommend investing in some decent microphones. ^-^;

While we’re at it… the voice actors at times sound as if they were half asleep; I know you people aren’t pro, but you can’t just read the text – you need to put energy into it, make it more theatrical, even utterly overdone if need be – it’ll still be better than this! When you’re on the other side of a computer screen – especially in an anime – and 90% of the audience doesn’t understand your language, you need some extra power to make your words sink in; my advice is that you watch a play performed by a decent troupe (a good one, not some contemporary “alternative” crap; traditional Japanese theater should do… if nothing else, “The Kinslayer” by Nightwish; pay attention to the spoken parts) – yes, you have to speak like this too!
…A cup of strong tea or coffee might also help. One way or another, I refuse to believe Thai is a language that consists solely of rhythmic murmuring followed by a scream straight out of a horror movie. ^-^

The English text needs a lot more quality checking; it was decent for about the first half, then it started to go downhill. As for the story… I’d risk a guess it will follow the confession-drama-coming out routine; I kinda liked the change of pace towards the end. Whether it is or isn’t too sweet, or not sweet enough, is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

To sum it up, I found it quite an enjoyable thing to watch – and it is infinitely better that the *ahem* new wave of Polish amateur-made *cough* “cartoons”; in other words, I’m looking forward to the future episodes (though three sounds like not nearly enough!), with maybe some improvement? So everyone: please stop by on to get the downloads and perhaps give support. :3


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30 Responses to Touhou Project doujin – ユユコ (Sayakata Tea Mansion); also…

  1. K-nashi says:

    I’m sorry I don’t remember the exact title….but i remember it was something like:
    “My Monster with Lovely Green Eye..” or “My lovely Monster with Green Eye..” or maybe “My Monster with Lovely Eye..”

    arrgh I’m sorry!!I can’t remember!!but it was something around those three I think…I hope it helps,even just a little..^^;

  2. Winterbraid says:

    Thanks, it must be this:
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been scanned yet…

  3. K-nashi says:

    aww,thats too bad then,we’ll just have to wait for the scanned version then..:)

  4. ydy says:

    You know what’s funny? I was planning on buying “My Monster with lovely green eyes!”
    I could scan it if someone wanted me to, but you’d have to wait a while for me to get it.
    And while we’re talking about Yuugi/Parsee, here’s an awesome artist who seems to like them:
    That site hasn’t been working well for me lately (it’s in Korean too, if that bothers you), but she has an account on Pixiv as well:

  5. Winterbraid says:

    Wow, cool! Yeah, if you could scan it, it would be awesome – and I’d be delighted to translate it, of course. There’s no hurry, mind you, as I’m behind with stuff right now anyway… ^-^;

    Hehe, thanks for the links; those pics are in fact great, especially this one! ^-^

  6. BPHaru says:

    Thanks for sharing the first episode of Nanoha School Days here, winterbraid ^^

  7. Winterbraid says:

    My pleasure, and thanks for all your releases; I’m looking forward to the next episode! Hehe, that Death Note crossover was kinda creative, even if a bit too vexing in my opinion… if I were to imagine any of the girls as a psychotic killer, it’d probably have to be Nanoha. ^-^;

  8. ydy says:

    Wow, I feel stupid now. I already had a copy of “My Monster with lovely green eyes!” So here it is:

    I don’t like scanning doujinshi with weirdly textured covers, but it doesn’t look too bad.

  9. Winterbraid says:

    I cannot even find words to express my gratitude – thank you for your continued support! I will work on this as soon as possible… but if you don’t mind, it’ll be some time in the next week; right now, I’d like to get started on my next big project and also finally translate some adult stuff. ^-^;

    The scans are very good in my opinion. Hehe, I guess you must be a really heavy buyer if you don’t even remember what you have bought and what not. ^-^

  10. Wesley says:

    This wasn’t yuri was it?

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