How to purchase doujinshi

Not sure if people are interested, but here’s a list of how/where I have purchased doujnshi overseas in the past.
I’ve posted some other links too but I can’t vouch for those.

All these options are pretty darn expensive so I recommend this only if you’ve got money to spare!
Basically just double your order total and that’s about right for the final total.

Otherwise try any of the Japanese P2P out there like Share and Perfect Dark. =)
Node list here.

Mail forwarding service

Pros: Order from any website that accepts a credit card.
Cons: Requires knowledge of Japanese.

Jshoppers Forwarding Service – They are a little slow, maybe 2 weeks to get your stuff, but you can’t beat their EMS shipping prices and they have no handling charge!
S&H here is 2000 yen for what would be 4000 yen at other places.
They won’t do COD though.

I mainly buy stuff from Toranoana.
Melonbooks WILL NOT ship to a post office box anymore.

Japan to Door – Their International Forwarding Service is quite fast and can be tracked online.
I’ve deemed them too pricey for mail forwarding and now prefer Jshoppers.

Postty – (From Erin)

Goody-Japan – (From ydy)

Pakmail – A mailbox rental service. You have to be in Japan to sign up though.

Private Party Purchasing

Pros: Can use English to communicate. Can get rare items.
Cons: Depends on availability of other party. Requires Japanese to search for goods.

Nydela – Ash is a really nice guy and responds quickly.

Miseya – deverilin is a really nice person. Have ordered some Comiket stuff from her before.


Japanese Websites with International Shipping

Pros: Can order using a credit card.
Cons: Requires knowledge of Japanese. May not have what you want.

Mangaoh – Where I get my Sonobira (NSFW) stuff and manga in general.

I don’t really like anymore since their packaging is a bit flimsy and the boxes are really dusty. They tend to get compressed a bit in shipping though the contents are still safe.
Mangaoh packs things really nicely and ship EMS.

DLSite – It doesn’t really ship since the doujin are digital but it has an English website. The Japanese website has more entries I believe and yes, you can order from that too.
I haven’t ordered from here in quite a while since it was hard to search.

Websites in English Selling Doujin

Pros: No Japanese is required.
Cons: They may not have what you want.

PaletWeb – Touhou doujin (click the Doujin link on the side)
Doujinshi Store – Took a week and a half to respond to my order


Auction Proxy Services

Pros: Will let you order from Japanese auction sites. Can find rare items.
Cons: A bit pricey. Ex) Won an auction for 100 yen but at the end I paid 1300 yen

Shopping Mall Japan

Rinkya – According to Erin:
Rinkya has special pricing on doujinshi–their regular prices look awful, but on doujinshi 1000 yen and under, there’s no commission and only 400 yen handling. So a 100 yen doujinshi would be 500 yen plus shipping from Japan; less, if you win multiple auctions from the same seller on the same day (I have saved SO much money this way), because you only pay 400 yen total for handling on all the auctions combined.

Japan Toy – (From Erin)

Goody-Japan – (From ydy)

Japan to Door

Shopping Proxy Services

Pros: Will let you order from Japanese sites
Cons: I suppose it will be pricey

I haven’t tried any of these proxy services but I have used them for other services.

Japan Toy – (From Erin)
Goody-Japan – (From ydy)
Japan to Door
Shopping Mall Japan

Rely on friends/family residing in Japan

Pros: The best/cheapest option.
Cons: Requires knowledge of Japanese to order from websites. Are imposing on others. -__-

Simply borrow someone else’s address.
If you’re in college, try looking for someone who is part of an exchange program like JET.
Shipping from Japan can still be quite expensive.

After all that hard work, take a break, wait for the doujin to arrive and enjoy!


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