Tonari Atte Futari, Mukai Atte Sannin (Chapter 2 part 2)

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Time for the weekly Yuyuko fix!

In truth, I think this chapter really is something. Among other things, we learn who really is the person that Yukari always sees in Yuyuko… It is also rather complicated; questions, speculations, the comments are for you. ^-^


Please get the .xcf source files from the usual place if you’re interested. In case you haven’t read them yet, previous parts can be downloaded here…
Did I mention the RSS?

Sorry, no rant today (yay!). Another update possible in near future, though.

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33 Responses to Tonari Atte Futari, Mukai Atte Sannin (Chapter 2 part 2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting story, thanks for translating.

  2. Winterbraid says:

    @Anonymous & Anonymous:
    Hehe, you’re welcome; yeah, I think it’s my favourite of the projects I’ve worked on so far. ^-^

  3. Joseph Saunders, Jr. says:

    @Anonymous from 6/16/2009 at 4:14 am
    Yeah !! That’s it!! Thanks a bunch!!

  4. Joseph Saunders, Jr. says:

    oops .. Chado Ran vs Ran was not it…thanks for trying though

  5. ydy says:

    This is taking way longer than I wanted it to, so I decided to upload the first part of Personal Color’s doujinshi now instead of waiting to finish the rest.
    Have fun translating! :D

    Oh, and I wanted to note that on the fourth panel of page 29 (by page number, not file name) it looks like I left some dirt there.
    It’s in both of my copies, so I’m assuming it’s supposed to be there.

  6. shijima says:

    Awesome, thank you.
    Very nice scans. =)
    Hmm…do you buy two copies of books? One for preservation?
    I used to do that for some of the ones I bought. But I stopped now. :p

    Yah, I understand the pain of scanning and cleaning up scans. -__-
    Cleaning up scans takes way longer than scanning them in.
    I’d say at least 5 times as long for me.

  7. Winterbraid says:

    @Joseph Saunders, Jr.:
    That’s too bad… hope you will find the one you are looking for in the end.

    I don’t even know how to express my gratitude… but that’s nothing new. ^-^;
    I’m gonna get started on it as soon as possible. Hehe, you are quite a heavy buyer, aren’t you; though I sometimes do the same with CDs – when I buy something as a gift, but end up liking it so much that I buy another one for myself.

    Hehe, it’s a good thing I don’t have to do the cleaning; so, thanks to both of you for that, too. ^-^;

  8. ydy says:

    Well, when I scan things they get pretty much destroyed, so if I want to enjoy the doujinshi I have to buy another one.
    I don’t know how the system works, but I think of it as giving the artist more money.

  9. Naolin says:

    You guys are awesome. Despite not being light at all, reading this made my morning. It’s still really, really good…

  10. Winterbraid says:

    Hehe, I think rather than ourselves, it’s thanks to the power of Touhou… :3

  11. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t want to spam the voile board, so this is going here…thanks a lot to both Winterbraid and ydy.

  12. DAzure says:

    hello there, thank you for the scans, I wonder if cleaning up scans is anything like doing post-processing for photographers ^^;;
    anyways… I was wondering where you purchase the copies of the doujinshis… (do you live in Japan?) I hope I’m able to get my hands on this doujinshi in Canada >.<…

  13. shijima says:

    I believe ydy said he bought stuff through:

    All 3 volumes are available at Melonbooks

    The last volume is also available at Toranoana

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