gokujou drops – vol. 2


Gokujou Drops (極上ドロップス)
by Mikuni Hadzime (三国ハヂメ)
152 pages
TLcheck: Winterbraid
Editing: Yi

And so ends Vol.2
Alls well that ends well.

The author has mentioned that Vol.3 is in the works.
My personal theory about the necklace is:
That necklace looks like one half of a whole,
and it’s actually Yukio’s brother who gave it to Komari and he has the other half.
In the flashback for the necklace, the other person has short hair and I doubt Yukio would ever have had short hair.
Plus, they’ll be more angst this way.
Of course, I suck at guessing plots, so I’m probably wrong. :D


Also, there is an application to be an assistant.
I just like how one of the requirements is:
You must not dislike: Boy x Girl, Girl x Girl and Boy x Boy ero-manga as well as shoujo manga (mandatory)
It’s nice to see that the author is open to all genres. =)


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43 Responses to gokujou drops – vol. 2

  1. chimp4rent says:

    Thanks for the new chapter
    can’t wait to read the next one
    but hope it will be long enough for you take a break :)

  2. shijima says:

    Ah, hehe, I’m sure half a year is more than enough time to rest. =)

  3. venne says:

    how many ch. are in this volume???

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