Touhou Project doujin – No Title (Asoka)

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Getting back to my usual cycle – more YuyuYoumu, that is!

Uh-huh… These were the only four passable pages from the book “Asu! Un” by Dr Vermillion – by which I mean, unlike the rest of the book they didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out. Uh, the book’s author was listed as Dr Vermillion, but I’m pretty sure this short chapter is by Asoka.


I guess as Yuyuko-sama’s servant, Youmu has to face more dangers than having to fend off random mikos and witches. Oh well… at least she looks a little happier than in Spero.

The primary distraction throughout the couple previous days has been Sauerbraten… tried mostly the single mode and the weapons and enemies were mediocre in my opinion; still, the whole thing turned out to be quite addictive. ^-^;


Hmm… It seems bullet hell might occur not only in Touhou.

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6 Responses to Touhou Project doujin – No Title (Asoka)

  1. Kai says:




  2. Anonymous says:

    yay for ARGUABLY HAPPY Youmu

    (sorry to have complained in spero ><)

  3. shijima says:

    Hehe, well 4 pages is infinitely better than none. =)
    Hmm…there was a sci-fi movie called Cube which was rather interesting but I guess there’s no relation.
    I like the little red monsters in the screenshot. They look quite cute, like little oni.

    I’m probably the worst FPS player though.
    Need much help on console FPS.
    Will trade translations for training. j/k

  4. ShiroAka says:

    Thanks for this short story.
    Maybe you would be interested in these GP-KIDS doujins I found yesterday,I saw a notice about first one in other section,and your comments too.
    All About You (YoumuXYuyuko)
    SpringDays ShiningDays (YoumuXYuyuko)
    Sweet’s Sweet’s
    I don’t know if all these three Youmu and Yuyuko stories are related though.
    And these are two more AliReiMari doujins,maybe they some kind of prequel or continuation to White Name which Shijima scanlated recently.
    Bright-Ness Happi-Ness
    Heart To Heart
    Also from yesterday batch these are two somekind very ecchi doujins(especially first one where we see Kaguya having sex with Eirin) revolving around Eirin,Kaguya,Keine,Mokou fun,I really liked art in them,there’s also third of this serie but I couldn’t find it so far and on Share it’s incomplete.
    Touhou no nichi hamata mawaru sono 1 (EirinXKaguyaXMokou)
    Touhou no nichi hamata mawaru sono 2 (KeineXMokou)

  5. K-Nashi says:

    my,this kind of storyline reminds me a lot of Pearl Oyster story earlier,only this one is shorter and really straight to the point..XD

    thx for the release..^^

  6. Winterbraid says:

    Hehe, you’re welcome.

    Yeah, no problem. As you might have noticed – while picking stuff for translation, I’m a little more willing to compromise if it is YuyuMyon. ^-^;

    Apparently Cube is the name of both the game and the free and open source engine (which seems to be based on cubes). It’s actually quite fast, and would probably be even faster if I weren’t using a crappy integrated graphics card. -_-

    An interesting aspect which I haven’t tried yet is cooperative, real-time level editing via network.

    The enemies you mentioned (Hellpigs if I’m correct) are actually quite annoying, mostly ’cause they are fast and you can’t hear them until they’re eating at your backside. -_-

    Thanks for the recommendations. I guess I will translate the GP-KIDS’ YuyuYoumu stuff, in chronological order (i.e. Spring Days, Sweet’s Sweet’s, All About You).

    Hehe, I guess ‘straight to the point’ is a good choice of words in this case. ^-^;

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