Aoishiro Comic Festival

Aoishiro Waltz Extra
towai – Tomoni, kimito
towai – Hitoyo ni ikiyuku kuroiki oni

To celebrate the completion of Aoishiro PC, let’s have some manga and doujin!

Finished the side-story about the former Captain and Vice-Captain from Seijou’s kendo team.
This was only released in Yurihime and completes all official manga releases.
Apparently the Comic Rush version of Aoishiro was licensed in Taiwan.

Also scanlated 2 doujin by Hzk of Towai.
These shouldn’t be read until you finish the respective routes for each character because of spoilers.

I was quite thrilled to see a Kohaku / Yasuhime doujin at C76.
If anyone writes any fanfics (TheShinySword?), please let me know. :D

The other doujin is about Kaya after her Good Ending.

Tomoni, kimito (ともに、きみと)
by towai
43 pages



Hitoyo ni ikiyuku kuroiki oni (人世に生きゆく黒き鬼)
by towai
33 pages


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26 Responses to Aoishiro Comic Festival

  1. K-Nashi says:

    ah,I’ve played Solfege for a while(the very first one methinks) and I remember I wasn’t too impressed back then…but is the second one different?I thought Sweet Harmony and La Finalle is just an expansion?

    P:S:I remember once you said that you also from Indonesia(If I’m not wrong of course)do you mind if I ask for your e mail or messenger?since its not everyday you found a YuriFan on the same country..especially our country lol

    personally,I think it should be straight-to-PC,since PS 2 is already dead and PS 3 isn’t exactly the best for VN…but well,thats just a prediction..^^

    I do hope that there will be Another Yuri VN that is as epic as AoiShiro though..^^

  2. Shizuru says:

    yes they’re expansion but they have 3 new heroine (too bad most of the route are too short T_T)
    the first one is indeed a failure but they make up with the superb scenario on la finale!
    of course my ym is :3

  3. shijima says:

    Apologies. Yes, you are right. I mixed up the couples. :p
    My mind is really going. ;__;
    Though I suppose you could say they’re one and the same since Belle = Efa. I suppose that’s pretty obvious though :D

    Will scan the cover of said doujin when I get back.
    (I hope I read that correctly and it wasn’t my dyslexic vision again…)
    Apologies in advance for any disappointment.

    Yah, you’re right. PC is probably the best platform. =)

  4. K-Nashi says:

    ah just wanted you to know..I just added you on my Messenger..^^

  5. ratichan says:

    Towai is awesome!
    Kohaku + Yasuhime is the best!
    Many, many thanks to shijima for Aoishiro translation and all these stuff!!

    Tomoni, kimito is really cute.
    Inspired by it, I’m working on a fanfic now!
    I’m not that confident in my English, so I began with Thai version (my native lang) first. It’ll take me some time to finish it.
    A small piece of it is here

    Ahhhhh….. I really want to see more fan-made things about Kohaku+Yasuhime!

  6. ratchan says:

    Finished at last! Though I just leave it like not finish because I don’t know how the end should be.

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