Touhou Project doujin – Twinkle, twinkle, little star 2 [Cube Sugar]

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Enjoy another part of this MariAli story.

We rather all know who Marisa likes for real^^

Thanks Shijima for translation and Winterbraid for check.

Also if CANAAN anime will have bad end for Maria or Canaan (meaning one of them would die or they would not pair up together somehow in the end by other reasons) I will rage!

Still I won’t spoil myself with raw when it comes out,gonna wait for subs for this last episode…

My thoughts about CANAAN final episode:


I just finished watching it just now.

One word, disappointment.

Both lack of even semi yuri ending for Maria and Canaan, they even didn’t stay together, but separated like that, also in other aspects nothing was explained.

The whole mysterious feel which this serie hooked me up (that whole virus case) rather disappeared in this last episode, and Canaan who just looked like Alphard was last thing which throw me away.

Yup I rather hate Alphard character, and I would rather never supported Alphard/Canaan as pair, which sadly come true in the end somehow.

As for Maria well I expected her to become something more, maybe gaining some powers due to UA virus she too had in her in that certain death situation, and with that she could be with Canaan on even terms.

But as it ended Maria for me given up cause she knew she would never be able to catch up with Canaan, and choosen her own way of life, the same goes to Canaan who to given up about being with Maria.

In the end only character I really liked was Yunyun.

Overall this anime gives a sad message, no one got fully happy ending I was hoping them to get.


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23 Responses to Touhou Project doujin – Twinkle, twinkle, little star 2 [Cube Sugar]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eh, I thought the ending was OK. It really felt throughout the show like Maria was the one with a crush on Canaan and Canaan only saw Maria as a friend. Canaan is immature when it comes to relationships and that came through in her attachment to Maria. Would like to see a sequel where the rest of the plot comes together, though it seems like they spent a lot to make it and I don’t think it’s popular enough to warrant the expense. I kind of feel that they left the ending too open because they already planned a sequel or something, but in the end it backfired.

    The virus plot fell apart, but Canaan and Alphard come to terms and Alphard gets her redemption (the part where she makes the decision to shoot off her own arm in order to free herself from Siam instead of Canaan really stuck out), so…in my mind it wasn’t bad/was happy, if only for the two of them. From the promo material I also felt like the show would be mainly about their past together and not Maria. They both play teacher and student to each other in a way that made them grow (Maria was her ‘light’, but the interaction came off more as just a plot device), and that bond is always special. The Canaan’s relationship with Maria made me sure that they wouldn’t end up together after the first few episodes, so I was prepared for an Alphard/Canaan ending if Alphard didn’t die.[/spoiler]

    Praying the spoiler tag works. :P

  2. Alistair says:

    Yeah, i raged too…just a bit though, the ending seems open to many possibilities.

  3. Somebody likes Marisa look like Renko~ (minus the hat) xD… Err, maybe that’s just me. I just had to comment Marisa looking like Renko >w<
    I like the part where Marisa lends her right glove and holds Alice’s hand to keep the warmth. It’s so sweet~<3.

    Editing Comment: There isn’t a maegaki (preface) and atogaki (afterword) in the series, is there?
    I’m not sure if it’s a joke I’m not getting, but is it really zero zero (00) thousand yen? (refer to p12)

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