Hanjuku Joshi vol. 2 – Ch. 14

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Whew! The weekly dose of Hanjuku. This chapter is in turn really cute and touching in my opinion, though – again – it might not look like it at first! ^-^;


In other news:
Uh… nothing really interesting to say here, except I’ve got a ton of stuff on which to work – so except more updates in near future, some of which might even be not Touhou. ^-^;

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35 Responses to Hanjuku Joshi vol. 2 – Ch. 14

  1. phuteras says:


    btw Shijima, you like CANAAN too ? 8D

  2. aro says:

    lol, Mari’s weird.
    And I like that. Haha.

  3. Winterbraid says:

    Uh-huh, this is getting tons of comments as usual and I’m not really at my best right now, so I’ll just say: Thank you all for your kind words!

    Hehe, I guess I like both couples equally; Mari&Ran might be more dynamic, but Yae and Chitose complement each other so well, it’s basically hard for me to think of them as two separate persons! ^-^;
    Hope we will get more of them in the future chapters. (I read as I translate, so I don’t yet know what will happen next!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think Mari is too cute ;_; even if she is a little weird :3

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really like this couple more than the main one. It’s just more interesting. Thanks for the release!

  6. Mari-e says:

    thanks again for the new chapter… woot!! woot!!

    and i agree with Anonymous “it is getting more interesting” … cant wait till 15 comes out O_o

  7. svink says:

    Thanks a lot. After reading Hen (which destroys all self-esteem and faith in humanity – seriously, I would like to travel back in time if I could), this is definitely a refreshing read.

  8. LIka says:

    .-. Thank you very much for the translation… I loved this chapter >.< A fragile and possessive girl on the inside, but she wants to appear strict and indifferent. Mari <3

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Also wanted to say, I love the Touhou releases. :P

  10. shijima says:

    I’ve only seen 3 episodes but I liked it so far.
    Well, I always was a TYPE-MOON fan.
    I had considered getting the Nenderoid figure but maybe I’ll hold off now since ppl said the ending was bad. :p

  11. Juni says:

    Thanks for the new chapter. I like this couple alot but it also gives me some open questions like: In the start Mari is shown as a somewhat maneating player – why? Did she only had sex with all these men for fun? Is she honest with Ran or is she just “playing”? There are some more questions but….

  12. carrotcake says:

    Thanks a bunch once again for the super fast release~! I’m starting to love Mari&Ran more than Yae&Chitose <3 ._.;

    @Juni: Yes, Mari was indeed a maneater in the beginning, but that was only because she was searching for “it”. But no matter how many men she had sex with, she just couldn’t find the pleasure. And then, when she touched Ran for the first time, she found exactly what she was looking for, so she’s definitely honest with Ran.

  13. zeeko says:

    I have to say that this couple deserved this chapter all to themselves. There’s a lot to say about them. I had to laugh about the whole “scissoring” thing, and I yelled out “Finally! Somebody knows it doesn’t work!!”

    I’m still laughing about it :3

    BTW thank you for all the touhou releases, you guys are what got me into the games and fandom in the first place :D

  14. Yi says:

    Hanjuku Joshi just got 10000x more interesting with this chapter. The first few chapters of the volume were just some sweet nice things, but this chapter was intense and really sets up a nice plot.
    Good thing Ran did what she did. Good job. ^ ^

    Thanks Winterbraid + Shijima.

    By the way, I always had my doubts about scissoring. Grinding works, but scissoring just seems so awkward in both waist and arm position… anyways… yea…………….

  15. Tsutsutsu says:

    LOVE EEEET XDXD This is by far one of the most interesting yuri I’ve read :3

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