Pigeon Blood Touhou doujin – Sen no Yoru to Take no Hana and No Title Story

Sen no Yoru to Take no Hana
No Title Story

Books 7 and 10.
More than Sakuya x Meiling, I believe Pigeon Blood places an emphasis on Sakuya.
They’ve released some with Sakuya interacting with Marisa too though I’m going to focus on the MeiSaku ones.

Sen no Yoru to Take no Hana (千の夜と竹の花)
by Pigeon Blood
48 pages.

A collection of 3 stories.
The main story deals with Sakuya and Mokou.
Perhaps the Kaguya depicted here is more indicative of her true personality, but I still like Chihagura’s version of Kaguya better. :D

The 4-koma is also hilarious.
Poor China…


No Title Story
by Pigeon Blood
26 pages.

For those that prefer Sakuya x Remi.
Remind me never to hire Remi as a spy.
It’d be easier for her to blow everything away anyways.


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20 Responses to Pigeon Blood Touhou doujin – Sen no Yoru to Take no Hana and No Title Story

  1. I thought it’s a SakuMoko pairing (canon pairing I know, my bad |D) *rubs eyes* This what happens when terms start then finishing it before the end of the week.

    I’mma reading this tomorrow, downloading both of this so as the Cube Sugar that ShiroAka did. 8DD

    Good job again, guys! ;)

  2. ^Phil says:

    Thanks muchly, as always!

  3. Blasterion says:

    wow these 2 are very interesting especially the Mokou and Sakuya pairing. Aside from that hahaha at growing potion on China

  4. ydy says:

    I really like how Pigeon Blood draws Mokou. Actually I like how he draws everyone in general, but Mokou especially.

    Also, are you ready for the next doujinshi by Chihagura, or do you still have some others to work through?

  5. scwizard says:

    I hate Chihagura’s version of Mokou and Kaguya, it’s not canon enough.

  6. Naolin says:

    Mokou and Sakuya, huh? Surprisingly good. Pigeon Blood is growing on me. Also thanks for no title story, since owning it and not knowing what it said was sort of depressing. Oh Remi, you have no stealth~

  7. shijima says:

    @Crimson Saber
    Apologies for the confusion.
    Though Sakuya did help Mokou out at least

    Sure, np.

    Pigeon Blood has another doujin with Mokou on the cover, but I haven’t seen any scans of that one yet.

    I do like “Smiling Mokou” and “Monkey Mokou” :D
    Sure, if you have the next Chihagura one, I can start working on it.
    It’s not like I have any fixed priorities.

    Hehe, well, all the rest except for “Treat” are purely Sakuya x Meiling so… :p
    Yah, Remi has to learn to fold her wings :D

  8. No need to apologize. I read the whole thing a while ago and it was sad yet heartwarming at same time spite Mokou was hated by everyone because of her status.

    The 4-koma of SakuMei was priceless, I wonder why put salt onto it. XDD

  9. ShiroAka says:

    Maybe Sakuya likes it salty :p
    That one was hilarious.
    Thanks for this two really enjoyable stories.
    And I know from what doujin that short Maid in China pun came.

  10. K-Nashi says:

    ah that was kinda nice,I half-expected this story will turned into a Saku x Moko doujin,but I guess I was wrong..XD

    thx for the release as always..:D

    anyway,have it crossed your mind to translate a more “rare” pairing doujin? just a simple sugestion really,since most of the things I’ve seen you done is mostly “mainstream” pairing..

  11. shijima says:

    Oh. What doujin did that pun come from?
    It sounds like it’d be a funny story.

    Hmm…hinagi asked about rare pairings also. =)
    I wouldn’t mind a more rare pairing as long as the story and art are good.
    I do have a Yukari x Tenshi one and it was ok, not a must translate to me.
    If you have suggestions, let me know. =)

  12. ShiroAka says:

    There’s many futa doujins where Sakuya is having it so that’s why Maid ends somehow in China, rather straightforward…
    These were just some usual perverted thoughts of mine but I rather assume you don’t want to see a doujin which gone to my mind while writing that ^^

  13. K-Nashi says:

    Anything involving Tenshi sounds good to me,since she has been largely ignored in most doujin I’ve read..^^;(that,or she was treated as just an useless M…-_-)

    and how about something involving Yuuka?I remember I found another Shako’s new yuuka x alice doujin floating around..If I found it I’ll let you know..

  14. shijima says:

    Oh, hehe, I had to read that twice to get it.
    Though it made me laugh.
    So I guess I misunderstood the pun and “Maid in China” is the correct translation.
    Yah, I’ll pass on the doujin. :D

    Ok, well let me know if you find any good Tenshi doujin.
    As for the one by Shako, is it that 100 page monster released at C76?
    The cover looked very promising, though I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

    My current doujin plans are:
    Finish up Pigeon Blood
    Release MAZero by Sapuri.
    I’ll still on the lookout for good Umineko yuri doujin.

  15. K-Nashi says:

    Good luck on your project!!I’ll be sure to give you info of any good Doujin out there..

  16. ydy says:

    In that case here is Semete Mikka, or whatever the whole title is:

    I wanted to scan the cover as one whole page, but my scanner isn’t big enough :(

  17. shijima says:

    Wow. Thank you very much.
    Very beautiful raws. You should let me know which scanner you have.
    I just got a Canon 5500F and I rather like it.
    I’ll put this in the prioirty queue. =)

  18. I like Mokou being superior over Kaguya. She’s cool that way *_*
    (in short, Mokou as seme to Kaguya? no~nonononono, I don’t mean that!)

    Several giggles, sensational heartbeats, and rare combos |D.

    No Title Story will be the first doujin my ElderSis will ever read in the Touhou doujin world. The theme being about reading & writing a book or something led me to refer her to this book first as she is inclined to writing fics and stuff. Aaah, so much for Touhou doujin comic introductions |D
    … and… [spoiler]
    SUCCESS!!! ElderSis (silently) went to tears (that she looked so cute~<3). Seeing my ElderSis like that, just after reading a doujin of a series she didn’t get indulged into as much as I do, was… priceless… I’m so happy, relieved… and satisfied~ |3
    Then she went on and read the other 9 RemiSaku doujins I gave her, including the 2 shorts, in just an hour or two… *gasp* Fast! O_O W-was she even checking the detailed drawings!?

    Even if she were to read the raw, I think she’ll be able to understand most of the story, but not all. The translations made it more… dramatic and understandable. I thank you very much for delivering this doujin to us! T^T
    Here’s me hoping she would anticipate reading other pairings / stories as well |D

    Editing Note:
    p6 of Sen no Yoru, bottom-right speech bubble saying “It’s a good ‘think’” sounds better as ‘thing’… though I think it could mean a good ‘thought’, too;
    p10, last speech bubble saying “…OK with you’ll I’ll take you…”, an extra ‘ll is attached to “you”;
    p15 (not so important I think but), top-center bubble, the 2nd pair of open-close quote for “the beauty to be found…(etc)” is missing its closing quote.
    p39 bottom bubble, “She’s doesn’t come here…”.
    p8 of No Title Story, 1st panel 2nd bubble, “effect” != “affect”.[/spoiler]

  19. shijima says:

    Yes, Mokou is definitely a cool one.
    Glad your sister enjoyed the Touhou doujin.
    It’s quite a wonderful world. =)
    Thank you for the corrections too.
    I don’t have the PSD files anymore, but if I get some time,
    I’ll make the corrections.

  20. Saduharta says:

    It’s really too bad there’s so much down for TeruMoko, among others. All that stuff that links to Solelo~ ;-; A right shame since the ones that are up are very well done and very cute.

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