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Hi guys!

Been working on this one now for a week or so, first post in a while too, been busy with some stuff and I’ve got school now too though I can still work on doujin at the time if anyone is wondering..

Anyways, I hope you all will enjoy it as you might did with the previous chapters.

About zeDaBdan

Just a fellow editor from /u/, been editing for a while now and if you find some interesting adult raws, please send them to me and I'll have a look. ;) A friend of mine drew an manga character out of me, one thing which is wrong is that I have blonde hair color, not ginger. ^^ She was quite persistant to use red though.. http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg26/Norply/skanna0001v2.jpg Contact me via this e-mail: zedabdan@hotmail.com
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33 Responses to -ViVid- Vivio Memory 05

  1. Shizuru says:

    @SCKing88: in the drama cd…striker sound stage X

    anway…Vivio make a harem herself..Takamachi family is indeed dangerous.

  2. Watchman says:

    Also, Nove’s pretty smooth with teh lolis. Pedobear approves. :P

  3. Vyse says:

    Well this was unexpected I was expecting Vivio to go on a rampage instead they end up about to make a new friend with hardly a Starliht Breaker in sight, thanks for the read

  4. K-Nashi says:

    Ha!!I agree with Shizuru there!!Vivio is definitely making a harem for herself!!this is such a cute story!! XD

    anyway I’m also here to give thx from my Friend Minami-san she says this is really precious for her.Be sure to visit her also since she’s a great Yuri Artist too!! ..^^

    I guess thats it,thx for the release..:D

  5. zeDaBdan says:

    Hehe, I’ll check it out, K-Nashi and no problems, I’m glad to help ;)

  6. Winterbraid says:

    Hmm, some great art indeed, and some stuff (in the NanoFate department) I can remember having seen before as well!

    It looks like she does take requests, too… not that I’m suggesting anything, but perhaps you could let her know that – as far as I’m concerned – some nice (and moderately sexy, and in a slightly darker mood) art of Yuyuko with Youmu would definitely be the best token of gratitude… only if she ever feels like it, of course. :3

  7. K-Nashi says:

    I’ll make no promise,but I’ll be sure to forward your request to her…^^

  8. minami says:

    umm.. excuse me.. K-nashi told me that there is a request for me.. is that true?? if that is, please message me by email, i’ll very glad to take the request from you guys, i owe you for translating many good yuri manga, specially for vivid memory

  9. Winterbraid says:

    Okay, sent you an e-mail, please respond (also by e-mail) what you think about it; thanks for your comment! ^-^

  10. K-Nashi says:

    ha!I see she have taken up your request!!good for you Winterbraid..^^

  11. nanaka says:

    When is chapter 6 in coming?
    I’m waiting for a long time.

  12. Winterbraid says:

    Apologies, all the people who did or could possibly do the editing seem not to have time, and I’m utterly out of bandwidth as well… hopefully I’ll release it together with the next chap, as soon as I’ve finished setting up my new PC.

  13. Rosa says:

    Home run! Great slggniug with that answer!

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