Noir doujin – Rosa Bouquet (Sakuya)

Download: Translated, RAW

Whew. This is quite old actually – and there might not be much in terms of the story, but nevertheless the art is generally on the decent side (well, in my opinion); and also I think it’s rather cute. Plus… well, it’s Noir. Another “after story”, and again you might not understand it fully without having seen the anime – which you should do anyway if you haven’t already!!


Wow, this surely was quite a lot of text – and originally I wasn’t planning to do all of it… but since Anonymous graciously agreed to drop the translation of this doujin so that I could work on it, I kinda felt obliged to translate everything. ^-^;

In other news:
Sigh… finally got the GPU (on Friday, after some nagging via e-mail that is), and managed to get the whole thing together and running without breaking anything valuable – except 1) the old HDD my dad left for me, uh… kinda doesn’t work as well as he said it would, and 2) my wired connection has been down for about a week now. Oh well… was gonna buy a new drive anyway, and the Internet isn’t that much of a problem, with so many kind people out there who have unsecured wireless networks. …Well, guess I can manage using Live CDs and pendrives for now, but it feels kinda dumb having a new computer without a HDD… plus there’s a limit to how long I can go on living off the neighbor’s WiFi, I suppose. ^-^;

The problem is, I have WiFi in my laptop but not in the desktop… I’ve phoned the tech people and they claim my line appears to be up on their end – since the settings on my wired router seem fine as well, I think it has to be a hardware problem with the router… which doesn’t really surprise me, in fact. Now I have a dilemma – whether to buy an USB WiFi card for my desktop (cheap) and hope the wired problem will solve itself (not likely), or invest in a new, better router (expensive) – which might fix the wired problem or not, but for sure it will delay the purchase of a new HDD… grrr. >_<

Anyways. The important thing is that the machine works, and it works (and looks) rather awesome IMO – so I’m sure I’ll be able to fix the minor issues soon enough… will put off the bragging till then. ^-^

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18 Responses to Noir doujin – Rosa Bouquet (Sakuya)

  1. Akari says:

    Thank you very much! your work is really brilliant.


  2. Anon says:

    Thanks for your releases as always!

  3. Mjolnir says:

    I thought this was really cute, though i had some minor problems understanding it since I haven’t seen the anime. I guess I should do that.


  4. tsukimori says:

    thanks for the release.
    looks good!

  5. Winterbraid says:

    Glad you liked it!

    Yeah, you should definitely do so in my opinion. ^-^
    In fact, most of the series by BeeTrain are worth watching – from a yuri fan’s point of view or otherwise.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Goddamn, what an old Anime, makes me feel old. Nonetheless, it is a good one with great music. Just listening to Salva Nos or Melodie gives you a great time.
    Anyway, thanks for the release.

  7. shijima says:

    Thank you. That was a very nice doujin.
    I quite liked the art style too.
    Aww…I was such a fan of Chloe, but I guess there’s no helping that she ended up the way she did. =(
    Sorry to hear you’re having computer problems.
    Hope you get everything resolved soon.
    My HDD is giving me the click of death occasionally too. XP

  8. Anonymous says:

    Another sincere thank you. :)

    It’s great to see NOIR doujins still getting translated. Keep up the good work!

  9. Watchman says:

    This, this is just too HHHNNNNNNNNNG
    …damn, there should be a law against cold-blooded career killers being this cute. ;_;

    @ Anon: …2001 isn’t old. Compared to such seminals as Slayers, NGE and Utena from the mid-Nineties anyway…

  10. Winterbraid says:

    Yeah, I used to listen to Yuki Kajiura a lot; though recently I’ve been leaning towards a different type of music. ^-^

    Actually, it seems there is quite a number of Noir doujins getting released even nowadays, but they rarely make it into the Internet for some reason!

    Hehe, I managed to dig an old 6GB drive out of a box in Dad’s room; not big, but more than enough for a quick Linux install. ^-^

    What bothers me more is that I’ve tested the line with the old modem I got from the ISP and it didn’t work either… though I’m not sure whether the line or the drivers I tried to use are at fault. Oh well… I guess I will get a new router anyway.

    I think my favourite character in BeeTrain anime so far is Madlax, with Nadie a close second (though I kinda liked the stalker types as well)… too bad I have seen exactly 0 doujins about Madlax. -_-

    You’ve got to admit, 2001 is pretty much prehistory by today’s standards… speaking of which, I think the first time I’ve seen Noir was around the time it aired. Now I feel old too. -_-;

  11. Watchman says:

    If 2001 is “old”, what does that make eg. Bubblegum Crisis (aired ’87) – “antediluvian”? :/
    …I just realised I watch some SRSLY old animu at times…

  12. Kieli says:

    Shijima-san, don’t forget to take your patch for the plane….I know how you loathe flying. Will we be graced with lots of
    pictures this trip?

    @Winterbraid: thanks for this doujin. I always wondered if there were decent Noir doujins still out there.

  13. shijima says:

    Hehe, yah, I get motion sickness easily.
    Hmm…I doubt crowds at Comiket would make for interesting pics but I can post some of the other places I visit. =)

  14. pokie22 says:

    Thank you for the release.

    If you are looking for a new router, there are always deals around. There is an OK N-class router for ~$20.

  15. Winterbraid says:

    Well, I guess that’s a good thing – there are tons of classic anime I haven’t watched myself… on the scarce occassions when I actually have time to watch anime, I usually choose to pick something recent. ^-^;

    Actually there seem to be many Noir doujins – some even quite new – that haven’t been scanned/shared by anybody… maybe I’ll post a list some time, in case someone will be interested in obtaining them!

    Thanks for the suggestion, though I think I will go for a Linksys instead. ^-^

  16. Yi says:

    Thank you for the doujin. I have not seen a Noir doujin in a while, this was nice. I really like both Noir and this really sweet and low keyed doujin. ^ ^

  17. julia says:

    nooooir, mon amour!!! Thanks a lot indeed!

  18. Kieli says:

    @Winterbraid: That would be lovely. I think I have a few that someone was kind enough to pick up for me but I don’t know if they were translated yet or not. I’ll search through my manga crates to see if I can scan the cover(s).

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