Mai HiME doujin – All Should Thaw

Hi All,

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! This release was meant to be a Thanksgiving release but well, life get in the way. Anyway, this doujin by Silver Garden has been done partially by Apollyon (correct me if I’m wrong) and she stopped doing it because of reasons I have posted here before. I thought it’s such a good one that needs to be finished, I’m sure you’d understand after reading it. As always, thanks to Shijima and Yi for translating and QC-ing, respectively.


Mediafire Megaupload

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16 Responses to Mai HiME doujin – All Should Thaw

  1. tsukimori says:

    thanks, nice to see another mai hime/otome doujin after a long time.

  2. Shizuru says:

    that was…cute.
    and indeed, it’s rare for Natsuki saying that word first…lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Quiet, lovely. Thanks much.

  4. Mjolnir says:

    Well it certainly was worth finishing. I thought this was a really sweet one. Made me shed a tear or two. It is indeed nice to have some shiznat after a while.


  5. Nessa says:

    I agree with everyone, it is awesome to see shiznat after such a long time. The story was very sweet. Thank you so much for finishing it and posting it.

  6. KoSSa says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read something as good as this from Mai-Hime universe. Thank you.

  7. Anzu says:

    Do u have this is a .zip file? My stupid comp can’t open .rar. Thank U! :)

  8. the_paper says:

    @ Anzu, you should get WinRar (; it can open those .rar files as well as .zips.

  9. ren says:

    Glad you all enjoy the release, this is also one of my shiznat doujin favorites. I like Silver Garden’s work.

    I hope you get your problem solved thanks to the_paper, if not just let me know.

  10. shijima says:

    Yes, thank you to Ren and Yi.
    Variety is definitely the spice of life and more ShizNat is always welcome. =)

  11. Anzu says:

    I can’t buy WinRar, i had the trail once, but it ended long ago. Didn’t really work so well for me either :(

    If you don’t have it, its okay, i don’t want to cause you any trouble. :)

  12. ren says:


    Here’s Winrar 3.90 + keygen Try that. It should not give you any problem.

  13. Lucrezia says:

    That was really heart-warming! After quite some time, I’m glad there are still some Shiznat doujin lying around. They still are the cutest couple in my opinion!

    I really do hope there are still more to come in the near future! :D

  14. Yi says:

    Thanks a lot Ren. Shiznat is always welcome and is one of my favorite pairs. ^ ^
    This is a really sweet and quite touching doujin.

  15. Natsuki says:

    Thank you Ren. It was really cute T^T)

  16. Anzu says:

    Thanks ren, i’ll try it :)

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