gokujou drops – ch. 18

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Gokujou Drops Ch.18

Last Volume.
I’d say this volume is less ecchi than the rest, but everything does get resolved. =)

Next chapter’s script has been passed on to Yi,
but I’m a little busy so the rest of the scripts probably won’t be done until next year.

Proofreading: Shynaku


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51 Responses to gokujou drops – ch. 18

  1. Kyub says:

    woo!! ho ho ho ~~ The 3rd volume of my beloved manga was released. Thank you very much, everyone. *-*’

  2. shijima says:

    Sure, np. Happy holidays.

    It’s not bad, I agree. =)

    You’re welcome.

    Sure, np.

  3. Ayako says:

    I’m waiting for the scans.. pls.. pls.. I really love this manga..
    I hope I can read it soon.. Volume 03 here I come.. ^_^ hehe..

  4. K-Nashi says:

    ha hah,I find it its pretty funny that Gokujou Drops can reach more than 20+ comments in just one day..(altough not surprising of course,lol) anyway,thx for the realease..its nice to see Yukio becoming more and more “human” ,since in the earlier volume she was like a…I don’t know how to say it..emotionless lesbian andrioid?…^^;

    seeing her blush a lot in this chapter is really a nice change..Thx for the release..^^

  5. balticbard says:

    I just found this file on yamibo; its beautiful and pure yuri. I’m posting the link here so you can take a look at it. I hope you decide to translate it.
    And as always thank you so much for the work you do turning out all the mangas so we who don’t have the privelage of reading Japanese or Chinese can read them in English. You’re worth a gazillion bucks!


    oh the link;


  6. Yi says:

    Haha. Tsun Tsun Hime is so cute when she’s dere dere.
    The plot is progressing nicely. I’m really interested in seeing what’s to come and what the deal is with that necklace.

    Thanks, Shijima!
    <3 Gokujou Drops. ^ ^

  7. shijima says:

    Hehe, yah, it does seem ecchi is quite the attention getter, though personally, I prefer to translate non-ecchi stuff unless there’s something that really catches my eye. =)
    Yukio is definitely showing her more dere-dere side. :D

    Thanks. That was cute.

    Hehe, yah, new name: Dere-Dere Hime

  8. Shizuru says:

    talking about dere type remind me with this 4koma..

  9. shijima says:

    Thanks! That was really amusing.
    Aww…I want a tsundere Reimu.

  10. sully says:

    i would love to read it but sadly the link is broken…

  11. Noob says:

    You can read the rest on the Dynasty reader if the link is broken.

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