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Due to various circumstances, have another (slightly delayed) non-release. ^-^;

Been way too long a while without anything YuyuYoumu, hasn’t it? This little story by Petenshi… uh, it’s from some anthology, but forgot which and I don’t really feel like looking for it now – if you do recognize it, please let me know! Two pages only, but quite a lot of stuff happens – and Youmu gets to make an important choice.


Overall, it’s not bad, especially compared to Petenshi’s other doujins. Thanks to Voile for the raws.

In other news:
Guess I can say I’m done with the setting up for a while… feels kinda weird to have things working again, and even weirder to play a 3D game on high settings and without lags. Maybe I’ll post some more feedback and perhaps some screenshots of my new system, as well as get some real work done at last… once I have done something about my current distraction of Far Cry, that is. ^-^;

Edit: Okay, maybe just one screenshot. :3
Yay for YuyuMyon in HD!

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9 Responses to Touhou Project doujin – Unknown Short (Petenshi)

  1. Shizuru says:

    cute and short,thank you
    nice wallpaper btw….(but..hey, Youmu have bigger boobs than yuyuko? o_o)

  2. velvet says:

    Ahaha. Myon all over the places.

    Nice desktop~ I tend to clear every icon on mine lol.

    Ty for the release.

  3. kuro says:

    :3 yeahey~ more YuyuYoumu! Tho it’s short but thx!
    and “to play a 3D game on high settings and without lags.” <– i so understand how you feel. :D happy for you

  4. Winterbraid says:

    Hmm, maybe it’s grown-up Youmu? In truth, I don’t mind at all… :3
    Original pic here:

    Well, most of the time I do too, but I decided to leave a few for a change… I tend to have way too many keyboard shortcuts set up most of the time.

    Plus, I think both the font and the icon theme fit pretty well with the desktop background. ^-^

    Hehe, it’s still a budget machine, but till now I’ve been running mostly on random low-end hardware passed down from various people – so the change is indeed clearly perceivable!

  5. Kai says:

    Haha, Youmu moe~

  6. shijima says:

    Congrats on getting your system setup.
    Don’t worry, Comiket is just around the corner, so there’s plenty of Myon to be had I’m sure. =)

  7. Gengkun says:

    YuyuYoumu, Such a nice pair ^ ^ give the new definition of “short comic”! XD

    Thanks anyway

  8. A certain thread in a certain forum lead me to going back to this site I love…
    So much recent Touhou doujins I have not read motivates me to start reading doujins again, and I’ll starting with… this one for a jumpstart!

    Me speaks randomness: [spoiler]
    Hahah xD OMG Yay, sudden bursts of laughter again!! Oh how I missed this.
    You’re right, this two-page indeed packs a punch! xD
    Nyuuu, Youmu ish sho cute~<3… cuddles… want… >//////<

    *recovering from excitement* Next on the list of reading is… *couldn’t pick one, but eventually will start from oldest for read|unread boundary’s sake*
    Awright! I’m on my way to faster recovery from my colds&fever!

    I would very much like to Million Thank WoY for being always here. Thank You Very Much for these releases~! *huggles everyone* >w<
    Ohmiga— th-that YuyuMyon wallpaper definitely owns! >///////< *saves* Thanks for providing source! >w////< *pixiv-bookmarks*

  9. alexia says:

    i love touhou!!!!!!!!!!

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