Comiket 77 doujinshi list

Thank you to everyone who entered the recent contest.
I’ll probably hold either another contest, sale (if people are interested) or both later this year since I need to clear inventory.
I figure character goods are fine to give away, not sure about manga or doujin since most of mine are in Japanese and of the people that visit this site, who would actually want them…
Well, there’s always donations for a tax break I guess. :p

Anyways, here’s my list of C77 doujin.

The breakdown is:
15 Saki
9 Aoishiro
8 Umineko
16 Touhou
21 Other

I bought 3 K-ON doujins for others and 1 doujin twice so this list doesn’t include those.
If anyone’s interested in translating and editing one of these, let me know and I can provide raw scans (not cropped and leveled).

Afterwards, I realized I could have bought more, especially on Day 2, but I was limited by my luggage space and also the fact that I had to lug all these doujin around for the rest of the trip. Ah well.

I also have many older doujin that haven’t been translated. They’re mostly Touhou though.

Anything that says “copy book” means that it was mostly likely printed from a copier so the quality of the paper is less and it’s normally just stapled together.
Here’s a site with a great explanation.
That doesn’t necessarily mean the story/art is worse than a printed one though.

Adult doujin are labeled as such.


    Saki Doujin

  1. Haven’t read this yet

  2. Tennimuhou – mostly about Koromo very cute! – Will work on this

  3. Momoko’s playing some mahjong tournament. Needs more KaguMomo.
    Not going to work on this.

  4. Sequel to the one above I think.
    Haven’t read this yet
  5. Haven’t read this yet

  6. Haven’t read this yet

  7. Hakka-ya – Scans available online
    Makimaki expressed interest in working on this.
    Will work on this if they don’t.
    This one is quite nice.
    It’s about what happens if Ueno-san was actually part of Kazekoshi.

  8. Hakka-ya – Scans available online
    Makimaki expressed interest in working on this.
    Will work on this if they don’t.
    Haven’t read this yet

  9. KajuMomo
    Haven’t read this yet – Will most likely work on this

  10. Vista Saki doujin – already completed

  11. Vista Saki doujin – already completed

  12. Already translated by Makimaki
    This was an absolutely adorable doujin so read it if you haven’t yet!
    You gotta love Touka’s ahoge.

  13. More Hisa/Mihoko goodness
    Scans available online
    Haven’t read this yet

  14. Already translated by akayuki
    Mihoko really is the perfect wife isn’t she? :D

  15. Haven’t read this yet

  16. Akaiito/Aoishiro Doujin

  17. Strobe Blue – copy book – Migiwa x Syouko – will work on this

  18. Collection of Akaiito sketches by Miyageya

  19. Haven’t read this yet

  20. Haven’t read this yet

  21. Adult – Haven’t read this yet – but it had Kohaku so…

  22. Haven’t read this yet though I believe it’s about Ayashiro’s unrequited affections for Syouko.

  23. Haven’t read this yet

  24. Flipped through, forgot what it was about already – Will not work on this

  25. Collection of Uduki x Kei stories – Adult
    Haven’t read this yet

    Umineko Doujin

  27. Has Dlanor so it was a buy!
    Haven’t read this yet

  28. Has Lambda on front so it was a buy!
    Haven’t read this yet. Seems to be a sequel.

  29. Return of Beato-risu (Beatrice Squirrel)
    Haven’t read this yet – Will most llkely work on this

  30. Syojo Se-ut by 434NotFound
    Totally awesome! Contains every yuri couple on the witch side you can think of. Will work on this
    Not sure what the title means though.

  31. Beato x Battler by 434NotFound – Adult
    Haven’t read this yet – Will not work on this

  32. Siesta Sisters doujin by Hinauta
    Haven’t read this yet
    I also have the previous Siesta Sisters one by this group if anyone’s interested

  33. Bought this from FrontierWorks to get the Umineko/Hetalia bag
    Interior is quite disappointing. Just some character sketches and signatures of the voice actors. All B&W.

  34. 7th Heaven by 434NotFound – copy book
    Ange x Mammon oriented – Will work on this though cleaning will be quite bad due to walls of text.

  35. Touhou Doujin

  36. Next one by Chihagura.
    All shades of awesome! Just wish it were longer! =)
    Will work on this assuming it hasn’t been translated by the time I get around to it.

  37. Haven’t read this yet

  38. Haven’t read this yet

  39. Adult – Is either futa or het, can’t tell.
    Will not work on this

  40. Kaguya beating up on Mokou
    Will not work on this

  41. Haven’t read this yet – Cover looks awesome though

  42. Haven’t read this yet

  43. Thought this was KaguMoko – but failed to notice what the two were holding.
    This turned out to be a hilarious doujin though – Will work on this

  44. First half of a series by Canaria Mint
    This will most likely be scanned in by someone like the rest of Canaria Mint’s stuff.
    Second half is likely due out at Reitaisai.

  45. Haven’t read this yet

  46. Haven’t read this yet

  47. Haven’t read this yet

  48. Haven’t read this yet

  49. Collection of past Sapuri works plus P! which I think is new.
    Haven’t read this yet

  50. Personal Color – Yukari x Reimu – Adult
    Haven’t read this yet

  51. Next one by Neko no Sakegoto
    Will most likely work on this but need to get through Touhou Medical first
    Haven’t read this yet

    Other Doujin

  53. Bought this to get the Fate Movie bag.
    Contains doujin illustrations.

  54. Hard to find decent yuri Railgun yuri.
    Very disappointed by the adult yuri anthology collections put out so far. -__-
    Haven’t read this yet so I hope it’s good. =)
    Will translate Kurokon from C77 though.

  55. Chibi-Lightning
    Haven’t read this yet due to spoilers
    The game is awesome so far. Highly recommended!

  56. Tales of Phantasia was an awesome game. I love Suzu.
    Haven’t read this yet

  57. Copy book – Haven’t read this yet

  58. I am really out of touch with Bleach cause I don’t even know who the blond is. :p
    Haven’t read this yet

  59. Haven’t read this yet

  60. Solfege doujin – Adult
    Haven’t read this yet

  61. By Sakuraike – More of Satsuki and Kana.
    I highly recommend the Kimochi no Katachi collection out in tankoubon form. =)
    Leveled Raws for Volume 1 are already available for those interested in working on that.
    Haven’t read this yet

  62. More by Sakuraike
    Haven’t read this yet

  63. Rozen Maiden – quite funny
    See Shinkuu in a swimsuit!

  64. Hetalia doujin – raws available online
    Haven’t read this yet

  65. Hakka-ya illustrations

  66. Hakka-ya illustrations

  67. Hakka-ya illustrations

  68. Haven’t read this yet – Adult

  69. Next in the Houkago Tea Time series by Atelier Miyabi.
    Focuses on Mugi. I didn’t think it was as funny as the others so it’s low priority.

  70. Haven’t read this yet

  71. Haven’t finished Tales of Vesperia yet but I did like Rita.
    Haven’t read this yet

  72. Haven’t read this yet

  73. Sei x Youko. I also have some other ones by this circle if anyone’s interested in working on this series.
    I quite like the art style.
    Haven’t read this yet


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51 Responses to Comiket 77 doujinshi list

  1. Rajal says:

    *blinks at your list* FF13 yuri doujin??? Waiting with baited breath for your much appreciated translations…

  2. Jazz says:

    Nice. A Railgun doujin, you don’t see many of them. (or at least I don’t. Lol.)

    I’m also wondering if you (or anyone for that matter) will be translating those Siesta Sister doujins? ^^” I would love to just buy them from you, but I, unfortunately, can’t. D’:

  3. shijima says:

    Apologies, I don’t think the FFXIII one is yuri.
    I think it’s about Lightning and Snow.

    Ah, there’s many, many Railgun doujins out there, just not yuri ones. :p
    Hmm…I wasn’t planning on working on the Siesta Sisters doujin by Hinauta.
    Though Syojo-SeUT by 434NotFound does have some pages devoted to them,
    and I do plan to work on that one.
    I do like 45 though.

  4. Jazz says:

    Right, lol sorry, that’s what I meant. xD

    Ah, well, that’s fine. (May I have the scans then? XD *shotshot* I won’t be persistent then. The fact that you’ll be working on Syojo-SeUT makes me happy as it is. ^^

  5. shijima says:

    Hmm…I normally don’t scan in stuff unless it’s going to be translated.
    I’d prefer if you knew someone who’d be willing to translate and edit it.
    (Plus clean the raw scans…)

  6. motaku96 says:

    Hey shijima, I have someone that wants to try translating. Can I use one of your scans? Probably touhou. Preferably nothing too long. And of course something that you guys don’t plan to translate or another group plans to translate already.

  7. motaku96 says:

    Sorry, I’ll also add Saki to the possibilities. Oh and also something safe for work-ish. Preferably not explicit hentai. :3

  8. shijima says:

    Was there one of the doujins in particular you wanted?
    Otherwise for Touhou, there’s plenty of doujin on Voile available for translation:

    They have the latest one by UA.
    I also have the C76 one by UA which is a MeiSaku one.
    That one is 26 pages long.

  9. Ruynic says:

    I think I would like to translate number 68 if you are still offering.

  10. Marisa says:

    The one with Komachi and Sanae on the cover is a pretty good doujin.
    Beware when you travel across Higan.
    Already translated btw.

  11. John says:

    Es gracioso, a mi tambie9n no me lambala la atencif3n pero conforme fui jugando SA me comenzf3 a gustar Orin.Por cierto, el faltimo personaje de la fila es un anime de los 80′s en latinoame9rica el personaje se llamf3 Gigi y recuerdo que fue muy triste cuando murif3. ;_;

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