Nanoha doujins – SANTA SANGRE trilogy plus AGAIN & AGAIN









Enjoy this few NanoFate related doujins.

Big thanks to Uno720 from yamibo forum for raw scans.

And even bigger thanks to Shijima (Santa Sangre) and Winterbraid (Again & Again) for translations.

Sadly raw scans for Santa Sangre I & II were low quality with big gutter shadow (sometimes it was from both sides of a page) so it not looks so pretty in some places.

‘Santa Sangre’ trilogy tells about Nanoha life-threatening incident after A’s which is only mentioned in passing in StrikerS manga, I would love if 7 Arc would make an OVA about it finally.

‘Again & Again’ shows us some short interlude in daily NanoFate life which happens between two ‘Love is a battlefield’ doujin parts, we get a kind of striptease from Fate.

Since Movie 1st had it premiere I wanted to release them all on the same day, but there was a bit of delay, I had two done earlier in the week so I just had to finish the rest.

Also Fate-chan is LOVE!


Enough said.

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15 Responses to Nanoha doujins – SANTA SANGRE trilogy plus AGAIN & AGAIN

  1. ^Phil says:

    Downloading at the speed of light!

  2. KoSSa says:

    Thank you. Btw that movie was scheduled for projection at which date?

  3. Nura says:

    Thanks a lot for these doujins ^^, I wanted to read Santa Sangra long ago :D

  4. ShiroAka says:

    It was 23rd of January.
    I already spoiled myself with comments on ^^

  5. Ehud says:

    Many thanx for this super awesome release.

  6. fateh says:

    Thank you!! You’re really kind! ^^
    I’m distracting myself with them, till be able to watch the movie =D

    Feito is love.

  7. shijima says:

    Thank you for letting me know about the Santa Sangre series.
    I still haven’t watched Nanoha but that was an awesome series of doujin,
    especially Vol. 3 =)

  8. Red says:

    Ah, the events in Santa Sangre are one of the most touching ones in the Nanoha timeline. It’s nice to see doujins tackling that period, since we don’t get to actually see it in the official works.
    Thank you for these!

  9. Saya says:

    Sagamani Circle!!

    I just love them!

    Thanks for these great doujins.

  10. Saya says:

    Ah gomen I forgot to ask. This storyline is a series, right?
    hito ni yasashiku, sekai ga kagayaku, sore wa ganban dekinai and santa sangre series.
    Is there more of them?

  11. ShiroAka says:

    Well from Sagamani circle there are two more books which weren’t translated so far:
    ‘Under Current’ which scans are availible online and newest one from C77 “Yoru ga ake rumade’ which is adult yuri work and wasn’t scanned yet.

  12. Astrojensen says:

    Oh, wow! Santa Sangre was totally super awesome! I actually got teary-eyed in part III, you know, the sunset scene… And Again and Again was really cute as well. A big thanks to everyone involved in the releases.

  13. SCKing says:

    Santa Sangre was crazy; and to be honest it bothered me when I realized what exactly it was about a few pages into the first chapter. I do love this one don’t get me wrong, but having MY Nanoha get pierced by robots is a big no no.

  14. motaku96 says:

    Those were really cute. I just wanna note one thing, Chrono looks a lot older than he should.

  15. Saya says:

    Thank you ShiroAka ^^
    And I’ve found another doujin from Sagamani Circle!

    Walking Tour

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