Touhou doujin – White Clover (Pigeon Blood), Carbonard Crown Ch.1

White Clover
Carbonard Crown Ch.1

Now that I’m mostly over my jetlag, I can actually get some releases out. :D
Still have some stuff from C76 and Carbonard Crown to put out but I’d like to focus more on a variety of C77 doujin for now.
They’ll probably be some each of Saki, Touhou, Aoishiro, Umineko, etc (not necessarily in that order) in the next month or so.
Iinari will probably be put on hold for a while. If anyone’s interested in translating it, let me know.

Oh, yah, during the break, I also finished the rest of the scripts for Gokujou Drops, a 3-part Nanoha doujin, and some ShizNat so I’ll leave the rest for the respective editors. =)

White Clover
Pigeon Blood Book 15
36 pages.

The best Pigeon Blood Meisaku so far in my opinion.
And that’s just going by the cover.
The contents are definitely sweet.
The part at the end was already translated as an insert, but I just translated it again since it was included in the doujin.
I didn’t see Pigeon Blood at C77 so I guess we’ll have to wait for another one.
There’s still a great MeiSaku by UA that hasn’t been translated I think. If anyone wants to work on that, let me know. =)


Carbonard Crown Ch. 1 - by Shinonome Mizuo

Another series serialized on cell phone.
Like Horobi no Michi mentioned before, it took 2 years for this volume to complete…
But I liked the art so I thought I’d work on it.
And who can dislike a dark-haired tsundere. :p
It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger too.

If the art looks familiar, it’s by the same artist as First Love Sisters. =)

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26 Responses to Touhou doujin – White Clover (Pigeon Blood), Carbonard Crown Ch.1

  1. kiriga says:

    thank you for white clover shijima-san~ > <

    Umm…will you work on no.8(Ashita no kimi o tsurete) from Pigeon blood too?=w=

  2. shijima says:

    Sure, np.
    I probably won’t work on that one.
    I might work on the MeiSaku ones by UA if I have time.

  3. Ayra says:

    Okay… I know I’m way overdue in reading this story, and I did once mention before that I didn’t care much for Touhou…

    But I have to say that White Clover is one of the nicest doujin I’ve ever read. The art is simply beautiful, the story is touching and there’s a few funny bits too. I went back and read the other Pigeon Blood stories, and I have to admit they were very good too.

    Thank you very much for translating this story!

  4. shijima says:

    Glad you liked it.
    I’m quite picky when it comes to Touhou circles and I will admit I do love Pigeon Blood’s work.
    I wasn’t a MeiSaku fan until I read some of their stories.
    Their next work, Private Area, came out at Reitaisai 7.
    I will try to work on that when I get the time. =)
    I’d say that White Clover is still the one I like the most, but Private Area is also awesome.
    Someone has already scanned it in on Voile

  5. A heartwarming cover and story for White Clover >////<
    I wouldn’t feel closer to Meiling, Sakuya, and the pairing if not for Pigeon Blood.

    Thanks very much~&lt3!

    Editing Note:
    p14 top-left Meiling speech bubble, “…from the viewpoint of the guets…”, a guests typo.
    Then the position of the wedding bride-groom, same page… I’m not familiar with the tradition, so I researched it). In the doujin, Meiling said “from the viewpoint of the guests, the groom was on the left and the bride was on the right…”, but it could be seen from the right side of the page that “the bride stands on the left and the groom on the right”. The “left” and “right” in Meiling’s dialogue was interchanged.

  6. Nevran says:

    Well, Pigeon Blood is the first mangaka I read about Touhou Doujin, the first of a long story (I try to read all the doujin translate in english) and I want to really thanks you to translate his work. I see in Touhou Wikia that there are three other doujin by this autor who aren’t translate.

    To be really ‘franc’ with you, I hope you will translate his other work. I love the pairing of Sakuya and Meiling (I am a Meiling fanboy, so this explain many thing I guess) and i can’t wait to see this pairing (and other pairing, I love all the pairing in Touhou, seriously) played by the talent of this autor.

    Thanks for the work, and I really hope you will continue to translate his work.

    Oh, and the cover is truly beautiful.

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