End of Midsummer – shiznat doujin



Another beautiful doujin from Silver Garden, beware of major angst and prepare lots of tissues. More will be coming soon so keep checking in.  On another news, I finally installed Windows 7 and after 24 hours I have to say I’m pleased with the performance, now if only it will stay like this for ever and ever but we all know it’s too good to be true ne? My vista was running like a panther after being tweaked, but as expected, within 6 months I have to re-install everything. I guess this time we’ll see if Seven is going to deliver.

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12 Responses to End of Midsummer – shiznat doujin

  1. KoSSa says:

    Thanks for doujin.
    Well about Win7. I have installed RC version in September 09 and after few tweaks (turning off UAC, indexing and backup) I’m still using it without reinstall. I don’t install or uninstall new sw or games very often and I’m cleaning registers so there are no problems with slowing performance because of registers full of sh*t. The system is as fast as it was when I installed it and I haven’t seen BSOD even once.
    Though I’ve heard that W8 are being prepared….

  2. Shizuru says:

    for those who wondering who’s the ‘sensei’,he’s the main character from unmei no keitouji visual novel. a cool guy and quite badass, better than Tate at least xD
    anyway,nice and sad doujin ;_;

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG, this one is really sad. I was crying by the time that i reached the end.
    This is really good, a sad yet sweet doujin ;_;

  4. indiobotod says:

    Thank you so much for translating this one.^_^

  5. Tyrfing says:

    I have read that doujin now for four times and everytime i reached the end i must cry ;_;
    But it’s really sweet.

  6. PinkiiGirl says:

    I will cry for sure. I always cry when I read Silver Garden’s doujin.
    Thank you so much.

  7. shijima says:

    Ah, yes, I must say this one was a bit bittersweet.
    Thanks for editing this.

  8. nice yet sad but yea good storyline <3

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the Shiznat Doujin.

  10. Dumbass says:

    how do you download this? ;$

  11. Baka Ranger says:

    Just click on MF or MU it’ll take you to the download link

  12. flux says:

    Huh, that was okay. Not a huge fan of Unmei since it’s pretty much the most pandering of all the Mai~ series but there you go.
    So very pandering – I was completely stupefied at the ridiculously overblown “main character”. All the Hime were also ridiculous flakes >_>.

    Anyway, thanks for your translation! Keep up the good work.

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