K-ON! doujin – Sore wo Ai to Yobu to Shiyou (Low-Fat NEW)

Download: Translated

Finally, a comfortably substantial dose of yuri – in the form of more Mio x Ritsu sweetness, this time perfectly safe for work… I guess. Wouldn’t like to spoil it too much, as I think this story is really hilarious; let’s just say that, in perhaps not the most creative turn of events, our heroines will get a chance to settle several important matters.


I’ve stayed up too long and my cold is probably gonna get worse, but I wanted to wrap it up today so that I can see comments in the morning already. :3

And, well… what don’t we do for yuri? Thanks a lot to /u/ and the anonymous uploader for the raws!

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34 Responses to K-ON! doujin – Sore wo Ai to Yobu to Shiyou (Low-Fat NEW)

  1. KoSSa says:

    Thanks, you are fast. I thought that I won’t be able to see that translated till autumn ^_^

  2. kuro says:

    i saw the raw somewhere few days ago ^^ knew u’ll translate it heh.. had a not so good day, this definitely cheered me up thank you :3 hope ur cold is ok now btw.

  3. Stryder says:

    What can I say about this one. Sweet, so sweet, too sweet, and very SWEET.
    Argggghhhh Ritsu! you activate my Yuri-Switch so much!!!
    THX…Good Job……

    [Stryder passing out with joy...]

    ps. image size from 20th page to the last page was smaller.

  4. Winterbraid says:

    Why did you expect it to take so long? Not like I’m the only translator on /u/, you know!

    Yea, sadly, that’s how the raws were… guess they were assembled from a number of different sources?

  5. Fr3sh says:

    Sooooooo Cute
    ThanxsU so MucH 4 da upload ***Winterbraid***XD
    i LUV ritsu N MIO Soo MUCH they make such a cute couple <33

  6. Yi says:

    Thanks for this super cute doujin!!
    Mio x Ritsu is the best pair, and crying Mio is so adorable.

    Thanks, Winterbraid.

  7. cataliz says:

    thank you for the doujin =3

    this book has given me power >=3

  8. Fate Trulygood says:

    Kawaii <3
    no Yui x Azu-nyaan doujin? :3

  9. motaku96 says:

    Thanks for this. Haven’t had much yuri lately, and ritsuxmio is just the thing to cheer me up.

  10. Ivory says:

    Great doujin! *sheds tears of joy.
    K-ON! Daisuki!!! :D D

  11. anonymous says:

    Is there any chance someone could re-up the raws for this? I’d really rather read it in Japanese.

  12. ritumio is canon says:

    uhhh… may i know where you got the lovely three-panel ritumio awesomeness which was stragetically placed on the credits page..? =)

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