Saki doujin – PV25 (Parukusu)


Parukusu (ぱるくす)
25 pages.

Thank you to Shynaku for proofreading!

Twice for the price of one!
BuCap and KajuMomo!

This is a light-hearted doujin and even if it might be slightly OOC, it was still quite funny.
Being able to turn invisible sure has its advantages. :D


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17 Responses to Saki doujin – PV25 (Parukusu)

  1. Stahn Aileron says:

    Any chance you guys will pick up the other doujins Parukusu’s done? I’m most interested in the other Saki and the Nanoha ones.

    This is from the list I saw on page 22 (and even then, there seems to be more beyond that. PV26 for Saki is out already according to the circles homepage, and Nanoha is up to PN21 I think…)

    BTW, didn’t you guys do a joint with NanoFate for some Nanoha stuff before?

  2. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Shijima.

  3. K-Nashi says:

    he heh,two of my fave pair in Saki in one doujin?what more can I ask??thx agaon for the release..^^

  4. Nakayo says:

    Very cute!! Thank you!!

  5. RTM says:


    >> My reaction after reading every page of this one.

    Thank you for the funny and nice doujin as always ;)

  6. shijima says:

    @Stahn Aileron
    The only other one I have is PV24.
    Thanks for the info on PV26.
    I think ShiroAka and Winterbraid have worked with NanoFate before.

    Not a problem.

    Yep, Best of both worlds here.

    You’re welcome.

    Hehe, yah, this one was pretty funny. =)

  7. Yuribou says:

    Hey Shij,

    I love Parakusu’s doujins – keep seeing them in Toranoana but not picking them up – thanks for doing this one!!

  8. Mjolnir says:

    Wow. That was one of the best Saki doujins I’ve read. It had both of my fav Saki pairings and the art was nice too. The kissing scenes were a big plus. Most KajuMomo doujins seem to be low on the physical contact.

  9. Yi says:

    Thanks for the doujin!
    Momo’s so sneaky. I love her. ^ ^
    The captains pair is really nice as well. I think I’ve become a fan of Hisa x Mihoko.

    Btw, what is “OOC”?

  10. shijima says:

    Oh hehe, yah, I saw PV26 too,
    not sure I’m going to pick it up either since I have so much unread doujin still. :D

    Sweet! Glad you liked it.
    Ah, there was a KajuMomo anthology collection at Toranoana but I didn’t pick that one up.
    Maybe that one would have had more variety in the coupling. =)

    Not a problem.
    Hahaha, yah, being able to vanish away is definitely a useful trait. :D
    OOC = out of character.
    One person had mentioned to me that Mihoko requesting a kiss from Hisa would be an out-of-character move,
    though I still found the doujin funny. =)
    Btw, hope finals went well for you!

  11. Stahn Aileron says:

    Stupid question: if I offer to pay for whatever Parakasu doujins you can find (I can’t find any others online, even RAW, and my JPN isn’t well enough to try and hunt down hardcopies online…Well, there’s the shipping problem too), would you pick them up and scanlate them?

  12. Sapphire says:

    YES! Thanks a bunch! I really like the art as well! Let’s keep the yuri river flowing…..

  13. Stahn Aileron says:

    Well, I already asked someone I know who lives in Japan about getting the doujin…But he’s American and currently in the US visiting family.

    So if you’re willing to take me up on my offer, we’ll need to set-up a trade somehow. Paypal work well for you? If you happen to use AIM for some reason (or something compatible), just IM using the post name I’m using here as the SN. My SN is usually on 24/7. We can negotiate that way.

    BTW, I’m most interested in the Nanoha and Saki doujins by Parakasu…But I might fund other Parakasu doujins if they’re similar to the Saki ones I’ve gotten from here so far (PV21 and 25).

    I’d post my email address here for you to contact me easier, but I’d prefer not to directly publish it publicly. (Though my AIM SN is tied to an email account, so you can slice that together if you like. Just remove the space. Roundabout, I know, but I’m sure text crawlers for harvesting info like Emails on the ‘net have advanced. I’m mildly paranoid. I’ve finally gotten my spam level to reasonable levels and am trying to keep it that way ^_^)

    BTW, checked your blog via your forum name here: I wanted to see the SnowFest too, but I visited Japan too late to arrange a trip up there. (I was in Japan to visit some friends and see the Nanoha movie. Shoulda went and saw the Haruhi movie while I had the chance, but S2 w/ “Endless Eight” left a bad after-taste…Shoulda tried to squeezed in FSN:UBW too…)

    Hope to hear from you somehow. (I’ll check back here on this post/thread now and then also, just to be safe.)

  14. Ayra says:

    That’s quite a funny doujin, thanks for the translation! :) Sure, it’s not deep or thought-provoking, but sometime all you need is a laugh, ne?

  15. shijima says:

    Hehe, sure, more yuri should be coming for the next couple weeks.
    Thank you for sharing your pics of the Sapporo Snow Festival.
    I wish I could’ve gone. =)

    @Stahn Aileron
    Ah, thank you for the offer, but I’m good.
    I normally pick up doujin I like anyways. =)
    But yes, being slightly paranoid on the net is a good thing. :D

    Hehe, true, it’s a light-hearted doujin for those gloomy days.
    I can’t believe it’s still raining here in “sunny-side California” even though it’s May! :D

  16. booasaur says:

    Oh, yaaaay. I think I may need to get an RSS reader just for this site. I didn’t even know there was a new release till I came to check for the new Lucky Star doujin. Thanks, Shijima!

  17. booasaur says:

    We had the same reactions, then! I love these couples SO MUCH.

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