Touhou Project doujin – Doki Doki Yuu x Rigu (Omchicken)

Download: Translated – Adult!

Hmm… I don’t think we have seen this couple on Wings of Touhou before; might not be exactly my thing, but a certain person has asked me to translate it and I guessed it is good enough. A familiar artist and a story from the Wriggle-centered adult anthology Riguru Chuudoku, of which a complete scan you can find following the Raw link… unsurprisingly, the story by Asatsuki Dou is also decent – even if rather nasty – but I doubt I will be translating it.


In this short but amusing episode, Wriggle embarks on a quest to prove her femininity – and and ends up getting much more than she bargained for. While there is a decent amount of fanart for this pairing (duh), doujins are quite disappointingly rare… except several ones where everyone’s favourite psycho youkai suddenly turns into a gentle onee-sama. Oh well… guess it makes the more… believable doujins, like this one, even more valuable.

Apparently, a Perfect Cherry Blossom-only event has taken place in Japan recently – at these times I feel bitter envy towards people who live in Japan and have all this goodness at their fingertips… I suppose at least a stream of YuyuYoumu raws isn’t too much to expect! Hint hint, I am particularly interested in these two books which were advertised on Pixiv…
Cover 1
Cover 2
The first is by Neko no Sakegoto, and the other one… well, as you can probably see, it looks like it might contain many different kinds of win. ^-^

Uh, about time to sleep, I guess…

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  1. Drpepperfan says:

    The raw links down, could you reupload it? I’m really interested in some of the other doujins in it.

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