Aoishiro doujin – Engage (Nasumichou)


Apologies for the lack of updates from me,
I’ve been a little busy with work and preparations for vacation.
I’ll be off to Japan with my cousin and one other person for a month,
but hopefully they’ll be some new releases from me after I get back. =)

Engage (誓約)
434NotFound (茄子美蝶)
28 pages.

Thank you to Shynaku for proofreading!

Aoishiro doujin talking about Kohaku and Syouko.
Spoilers for Kohaku’s route so hold off if you haven’t made it that far. =)

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5 Responses to Aoishiro doujin – Engage (Nasumichou)

  1. Ehud says:

    Many thanx Shijima.

  2. going to jap? kool… can wait to see ur post on ur vacation ^^

  3. K-Nashi says:

    he he,I guess this story is taken from her(Kohaku’s) Good ED wasnt it…?

    thx a lot for translating this one Shijima!!to be honest I was waiting for quite a long time for this!! :D :D

    the story was exactly what i’m expecting…I didnt expect Syouko to be THAT aggressive though..lolol..

    but then the ending was kind of bittersweet…*sigh* but I guess this is the best ED for this kind of story..

    Thx again Shijima,theres not many good AoiShiro doujin out there.and you seem the only one whos scanslating them..and I’m gratefull for that..^^

  4. KoSSa says:

    Thanks for all releases and especially this one. I was really looking forward to this one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kohaku’s route was my favorite~. I loved this doujinshi so much. Thank you thank you.

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