DoujinPress Goes Live

DoujinPress Goes Live

So yeah. Releases are going to slow down for a while because I’m working on a pretty big yuri-related project (and by ‘pretty big’ I mean ‘very big’) of non-scanlation nature that is occupying most of my time… I’ll try to get something small out soonish though. On the other hand, judging from some Google Analytics stats that you don’t have access to, the Wings of Yuri home page shift is going fairly well – so thank you all for your assistance and understanding. In the meanwhile, here’s an important piece of news to all the dedicated yuri fans out there.

DoujinPress is a platform developed by Kira (of for the purposes of importing, publishing and/or selling doujinshi created by artists from Japan and other countries; and it just so happens that the current offer consists solely of yuri. At the moment there are two items for sale.

The first is a Pretty Cure doujin by Morinaga Milk (needs no description, I suppose) which is available in a strictly limited quantity on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and if you are interested, it might be a good idea to hurry up.

The other item is ‘Kokoro to Akuma,’ a fantastic Touhou Project doujin by the artist known as bakki – whom you might know from her fabulous piece of art I posted on Wings of Yuri earlier or from her active participation in the Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle fan community. As you might guess from the previews, the doujin focuses on Patchouli and… an egg? Since I have the advantage of having seen the actual content, I can safely say that it’s a really beautiful, heartwarming and unique story that every fan of KoaPatchy, Touhou or yuri in general should check out.

bakki’s doujin is available fully in English and since it is a piece created specially for publishing and release in the States by DoujinPress, there is a much greater number of copies in stock and the price is significantly lower. The DoujinPress website currently doesn’t incorporate facilities for international shipping, but they will be implemented soon. For more details and previews of bakki’s work, please head to the DoujinPress page now.

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10 Responses to DoujinPress Goes Live

  1. kiriga says:

    oh! cool!! I remember her work. She’s Thai artist. I wanna buy her work too :)

  2. ydy says:

    This is good. This is very, very good.

  3. Yuriri says:

    Good Luck with the DoujinPress
    I really Support this

  4. Timothy says:

    I would like to know if shipping to Canada is considered international. Since I reside in Canada and would consider purchasing some of these I would like to know.

  5. Ehud says:

    Take your time. We’ll wait patiently.

  6. HikkiPanda says:

    It will be nice if there is more info about the dojin, like how many pages, paper size (B5, A7, etc), color/bw, etc

  7. HikkiPanda says:

    will it sell doujin games too o: ?

  8. orz_OTL says:

    =[]=The books look Cool!!!
    (i see it from Kirasama’s site(if that was the books picture))

    Your words for that book make me shy, winter.

    Thanks!! <3

    And I guess it's B5, Color at the Cover page for sure……

  9. Hart says:

    Say, you already used a picture of Patchouli holding this winged egg, didn’t you? Also, is the story nsfw?

  10. Len says:

    Yo winterbraid many thanks for the translated doujins and doujinshi updates. AND DID YOU KNOW TOUHOU 13 DEMO IS OUT??? CHINESE ZOMBIE MIYAKO-CHAN HNGGGGGGHHHH

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