Lyrics for “Yacchatta” with Touhou

Warning: Some language.


Someone called Zeno made a parody of the song, “Yacchatta,” by Hannya and someone else called Aruku Seikyouiku sings it in this video. It’s not all yuri, but a good part of it is. This is just something I did on a whim. Also, it looks like the person who sang it added a few things of his own.

Edit: I uploaded the video to Youtube and changed the lyrics a bit:

Unrelated edit: Saw this very short 4-koma (?) about Kaguya and Mokou (??) on pixiv and decided to write down the translation. There’s no way I can edit this. The artist is たこらいす (takorice).

Another edit: There’s a song called 雪の名残を (Yuki no Nagori wo) by ぱっつんP (PattsunP) sung by Luka and Kaito. There’s also a cover of it by セリユ (Seriyu) and イナカモノ (Inakamono). This is the one I like and I decided to translate it.

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17 Responses to Lyrics for “Yacchatta” with Touhou

  1. Snow says:

    This is so funny! I love the part with Marisa being caught.

  2. kamyu says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. ICavedAlice says:

    Ha! I remember watching this on Danbooru a couple months ago, this was hilarious. Anyways, I guess Gensokyo’s pimp didn’t get away with it after all…

  4. kamyu says:

    Yes, cheating isn’t good >.>

  5. PencilSharpener says:

    Could I get the tags for the guy who sings this version so I could search for them on nico?

  6. kamyu says:

    His name is 歩く性教育.

  7. Lee Tze Shern says:

    Man I dont know how to register on nicovideo to watch this video? Can someone upload to youtube please?

  8. kamyu says:

    This is the original parody video (with the original song):

  9. Saint bomber says:

    That was rather fantastic.
    Sounds like Cool and Create doing the cover.
    I think the enunciation on the shower-scene is a bit funnier in the original, but you can’t beat the parody for aptness.
    Jolly good. Props.

  10. kamyu says:

    Thanks. Both the original and the parody have their good parts.

  11. Black Wings says:

    Ia there an off vocal version of this song?

  12. kamyu says:

    @Black Wings
    Not that I know of. You should also keep in mind that this is a parody of a song.

  13. RZ says:

    Can you write the romaji too? :)
    I’d like to sing it XD

  14. kamyu says:
    This should be it. Haven’t written romaji in a while.

  15. RZ says:

    Thank you very much~ *gives hugs

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