Trial Version of Amaranto

Trial version: dlsite Mediafire Megaupload

Patch: Mediafire Megaupload

Translation: me
Graphics: Yi
Onscripter Engine: Uncle Mion
Special Thanks: Roto, Message, and anyone I may have forgotten (sorry)

Well, here’s the patch for the trial version. If you know how I translate, you know more or less what to expect. I didn’t spend as much time on the cast comments as I did on the story, so please don’t look at them that closely ^^; I’d like to thank everyone who worked on this here once again because without them, I’d only have text documents.

Notes: The save files show the first few words of the part you saved at, but they don’t always show them correctly. The “Skip previously read text” function doesn’t seem to work. Also, it seems that there currently isn’t a plugin for ONScripter that can emulate what the plugin for NScripter in AMARANTO does, so there aren’t as many effects, and there are a few parts with awkward transitions (e.g. sudden background change, long pause), but it shouldn’t be anything major.

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49 Responses to Trial Version of Amaranto

  1. Crazyboy says:

    I don’t really like playing trial since after that i really want to play the game specially yuri (i love yuri :P ) and i don’t understand Japanese enough to play the japanese version of this game.
    So i will wait for the full version and it’s nice to see you have intention to translate this VN completly.
    Anyway thanks for working on this VN.

  2. kamyu says:

    I don’t think there’s something wrong with the patch. It seems to work for everyone else.
    Did you replace the old nscript.dat with the one in the patch folder?
    The trial version isn’t voiced. The full version is.


    You’re welcome.

  3. hochiminh says:

    Thanks you so much for this patch.I love it

  4. ThornsForest says:

    Thank you a lot, Kamyuu~
    I`m rescued))
    I finally understood that “to rewrite” meant simply to replace the original nscript with a new one.And that it isn`t a bug when I can`t hear the voices, they are going to appear in full version of Amaranto, wich I am really awaiting!
    Good luck with your work on it!

  5. HimeChan says:

    *o* Oh~

    Okay…TYVM, kamyu :3 i know xD…

  6. kamyu says:

    You’re welcome.

    Sorry if my choice of the word “overwrite” confused you. I think that’s the word the Japanese patch used. Anyways, I’m glad you were able to run it properly.

    Yes. Maybe I should have included that information in the post.

  7. Shiya says:

    Heyyyy! Just leaving a comment of thanks for this release. I enjoyed the quick preview! I’m excited for the rest!!! I want vampire girl to suck my blood toooooo!!! *_* haha thanks again for your efforts. ^

  8. Arkon says:

    Thanks a lot. May I ask, how you extracted text from the demo?

  9. ShadowGirl says:

    Thanks for traslation! :D

  10. kamyu says:

    You’ll die if she sucks your blood, lol, but anyways, you’re welcome.

    There’s a tool called nscdec.exe.

    @Shadow Girl
    You’re welcome.

  11. belthasar says:

    Is the title menu suppose to have ‘Lord’ instead of ‘Load’? Clicking on it also goes to the ‘Lord’ menu…

  12. kamyu says:

    Yes, it’s Lord instead of Load. It’s basically load, though.

  13. ThornsForest says:

    Sorry, I have a sort of problem here [\link name][\l]
    It`s maybe something in the script? I downloaded the full game, all the parts of it unpacked without any error, but I cannot get past the scene whwre Mio beats up that vagrant((

  14. kamyu says:

    Sorry, I have no idea what’s wrong with it.

  15. ThornsForest says:

    And when I press OK the game window closes and there`s nothing/
    Even though I can listen all the BGM and see the majority of CGs in Extra/
    I can even load a scene which in Load from the beginning, where Mio and Shizuku talk in the room with a chair, and the very moment Shizu calls out to Azoth-chan, another message on “moon language” appears and when I press OK the game also closes/ Could it be I don`t have something in my comp?
    Peeeople,I am begging you, if someone knows – because i want to play it,howewer I can do anything besides playingTT____TT

  16. oshima says:

    How it’s going with the translation?

  17. XJL says:

    It’s kinda sad how this site is now abandoned….

  18. WildCard says:

    Its not “abandoned” its more like a ghost town with some people pass through it, i come here every now and then.

  19. HimeChan says:

    It would be nice if there are at least updates or post or anything that could tell us they’re there tho,,I do visit here too anyways :P

  20. Otaku says:

    I did get send a message to Winterbraid about publishing some K-ON! MioXRitsu doujin that I’ve been translating on my own and got a reply. But I haven’t finished translating yet and I’m unsure if ANYONE would be interested in a 6pg. doujin or if I’d get a reply from the people who run the site. So I’m content just publishing K-ON! fanfiction for the time being…

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