Yumeutsutsu, Chapter 1


The first chapter in a novel written by Hitohira (from Shimensoka) and illustrated by Hota. (from Iyokan.) involving Maribel and Renko, their world and Gensokyo, and dreams and reality. I rotated the original images 90° counterclockwise because that was the easiest way to fit in the English, so you may have to rotate them the other way if you want to see the illustrations correctly.  Thanks to Lunar972 for the raw.

Edit: I put up a slightly cleaner version.

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5 Responses to Yumeutsutsu, Chapter 1

  1. Vlad says:

    It seems pretty good, but I think I’ll wait for the last chapter before reading it.
    I don’t remember reading a novel before, so I’m looking forward to it ;)

  2. kamyu says:

    A lot of the chapters (including this one) end in cliffhangers (which is kind of why I read the whole thing before starting to really translate it), so it’s understandable if you don’t want to start until it’s finished.

  3. Kiruzora says:

    That seems pretty nice, MaribelxRenko stuff is good, and I don’t see these translated often… but I’ll also wait for some more chapters before reading it. Thanks for the hard work!

  4. kamyu says:

    When I looked at it again, it didn’t seem like the cliffhangers were that bad, but…oh well. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Sait Camacho says:

    Disculpa la molestia, podría hacer una traducción al español? Todo el crédito seria de ustedes

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