Touhou Project Doujin – Rabbit of the Moon (PURE)


Editing didn’t come out very well again, and this time I don’t have much of an excuse (;´∀`). Anyway, short Udonge x Eirin story.

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3 Responses to Touhou Project Doujin – Rabbit of the Moon (PURE)

  1. Purefan says:

    Translation for this was long overdued, thanks for the good work.

  2. TeruMoko♥ says:

    Love it!
    Beautiful art, and a story that absolutely compels certain emotions. Since I was able to compare before and after editing with regards to the Rumia doujin, I have a better appreciation for what you mean. But even so, there is a real beauty in these releases that is not diminished in any way.
    Thanks for the release!

  3. kamyu says:

    Pure does have good art.

    You’re welcome. The art is usually what attracts me.

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