Announcement for VNs

I will no longer be working on Color of White or Amaranto -Fine-. Sorry to the people who were waiting, but I don’t have the time to finish them. Also, this will probably be my last post on this site.

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23 Responses to Announcement for VNs

  1. Hynarin says:

    OH GOOOD. I just realized that this site was closing for real ;____;!!
    Well, thanks for your hard work. I discovered this site in late 2009 and I loved it since then. I think I owe this site so much… I practically learned to read English (to be able to read the beautiful stuff you released) thanks to this! Thank you so much♥!

  2. Yasuhime says:

    Thanks for all you have done for us, I’ll never forget this site.

  3. Aruta says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, we’ll never forget it. :’)

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