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Touhou Project doujin – Cirno to Kyozou (Shishigami)

Download: Translated | Read Hmm, this was quite a lengthy break from me. Anyways, here is a doujin fresh from the C78, starring the explosive combo of Cirno, Kuu and Shanghai… errm, and some random loli fanservice, but I personally … Continue reading

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Iinari!! Kyuuketsuki – Ch. 9

Download Continuation of the previous chapter. Duh, more loli vampires… or is it? This manga sure is funny and all, but too bad Luu and Inori’s relationship seems to have deteriorated a little compared to volume one… sigh. Looks like … Continue reading

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Hellsing doujin – Innocent (Nexus 6); and more.

Download – Ecchi! All righty… This got posted on /u/ quite a while ago – it’s rather short and plotless, but also kinda cute and sexy; so I thought, what the heck – why not? It is also scarringly out … Continue reading

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otome crisis guidebook


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Touhou Project doujin – Yume (Asoka)

Download Three hit Yuyuko combo! Now something (a little) longer, and still with lilies floating in the background! This story is from the anthology YuyuYomu, which is dedicated to – guess whom – Yuyuko and Youmu; unfortunately, it was the … Continue reading

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