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This started out as just another solo scanlation effort,
but has since evolved into a sort of coalition of translators/editors.
Curent Collaborators

Special Guests
  • FKLover Editor
  • Shynaku Proofreader
  • Yi Editor

9 Responses to About

  1. ydy says:

    This page looks a little outdated.

  2. kamyu says:

    Anyone know anyone who might be interested in working on the images for the demo of Amaranto?

  3. kamyu says:

    All right, I give up. I’ll try editing the images myself, though I get the feeling that no one cares.

  4. AXYPB says:

    Is the email contact current? I need to ask the current webmaster for help in exposure of my projects.

  5. OL says:

    I’ve been attempting on my own to translate some Mio and Ritsu pixiv doujin and am wondering if it would be possible to host my efforts on your site?

  6. Aroshie says:

    Hello. I was wondering if your team scanned/scanlated any Ga-Rei Zero Doujinshi? Or perhaps knows where to find them? If so, please send me a mail. Thank you. :)

  7. luce says:

    before ypu guys change your domain ( when it was solelo.com) there used to be a part in the site whre a bunch of people posted links to RAWs and stuff …is that part gone for good? cuz I never got to see it again in this site.

  8. Sorginia says:

    Hello ! We’re the French team YaoixYuri. We’d like to know if we could retranslate in French two of your projects : crimsom fantasy and gokujo drops. We’d like, if it’s possible to use your scans. Of course, we’d let your credits.
    I hope you’ll agree but thanks anyway !

  9. Sakura21 says:

    Hi! I’m Sakura21 and I’m the translator of an Italian scanlation group, Micette Scanlations (http://micettescans.blogfree.net/?b=1). I would ask you the permission to translate your works into Italian language. We will keep your credit page, since we respect the work you’ve done (and you’re still doing).
    Hoping in a positive reply, I thank you for the time you’ve given me. :)

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