Chat Info & FAQ

To join the site chat, type something unique in the Nickname field and click the ‘Connect’ button.

The Rizon network’s rules apply (see top left menu button > Rules).

In addition, users will be banned with or without warning for racist or discriminating statements and for other forms of misbehavior. All channel activity is logged by the channel operators; individual users may be logging the channel activity and private conversations as well.

This is a yuri and LGBT-friendly chat, and the channel operators will do anything in their might to ensure that it stays so.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Chat page shows nothing / it displays an error message / my messages don’t seem to be coming through!

The Rizon web chat has been known to be less than stable at times. Reloading the page (Ctrl-R or F5) until successful should do the trick.

No one is answering me / no one is talking in the channel!

It is possible that no one is around. Many of the regulars are located in the US or Central/Eastern Europe, so please take time zones into account.

I picked a nickname that I like. How do I keep it?

You should register your nickname so that it is protected by a password and can’t be taken by another person. Type the following in the input field:

/msg nickserv help register

and follow the instructions. Next time you connect, select ‘Identify to Nickserv’ from the Auth: dropdown and type your password in the ‘Password:’ field.

Some people have cool messages after their nick but I have an ugly string of letters and numbers.

Type the following in the input field:

/msg hostserv help

What are the available commands?

The ones you will probably use the most are:

/nick something – Change your nickname to ‘something.’
/me does something – Perform an action in the form of ‘my_nick does something.’
/msg somebody Hello! – Talk to the user ‘somebody’ privately. (Rules still apply!)
/whois somebody – Display additional information about the user ‘somebody.’

I don’t like this chat app at all. Is there a different way to talk in the channel?

Of course, and in fact it’s the preferred method for long sessions. You can install a desktop IRC client application – mIRC, Xchat, irssi or Pidgin are among the popular choices. The exact procedure to connect to the channel will vary between applications, but it will always involve connecting to the network and joining the #yurikai channel.

I have more questions.

Please feel free to ask in the channel itself, or refer to the Rizon forums or your client application’s documentation.

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