Aoishiro PC
Translation of the PC version of the Aoishiro game by Success.
Has the patch, walkthrough, character guides, and song lyrics.

Summary of the first scenario and dialogue from Katahane, a yuri game from Tarte.

Unfinished summary about the Yuri visual novel Amaranto.

Web Novels


Web novel which focuses on Yasumi’s route through the game.
It is one of Yasumi’s normal endings.

Short story about Yumei and Kei where Kei reminisces about her childhood.

Light Novels


Iris Excerpts
Excerpts from Wild Bouquet and .(period), two yuri, light novels.

84 Responses to Novels

  1. Michael says:

    I appeal to you, as do not know who else I can help.
    I would like to play a game that you have translated – “Aoishiro”. I need a Japanese version, but the torrents are dead and download fails.
    But I hope that some of you it should be.
    Please help if you can, I do not know who else to ask for help.

  2. Michael says:

    Okay, I wrote once, and I will write the second.
    One of the torrent alive if it was thanks to some of you – thank you.

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